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  1. S0 I just picked up my truck from having 4 recalls done. Within 3 miles of the dealer my Lane Assist turned of and will not turn back on. Took the truck back and they are looking into the issue. I told them there seems to be an issue with the software update (Wish I would have read this before I did the recalls).
  2. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear they haven't done anything yet. I haven't had it happen again, fingers crossed. Maybe the more of us that report the issue the more GM will do. Please keep us posted on anything you do or if GM does anything else.
  3. Any update on your truck? Today starting at a stop sign the transmission slammed so hard I thought I got rear ended. Then after that it was smooth all day. Just wondering if they have found anything or did a fix for you?
  4. Anyone figure out if this is possible yet? I know on the previous years you could tap into the BCM plug. But wondering if anyone has done it on the 2019's yet? I would love for the LED's to go on and off with the interior lights.
  5. It’s a safety feature. While driving it is supposed to do this so you don’t scroll through the list. I have noticed it does not always recognize when your driving accurately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I just picked up my new Sierra SLT. Switched from a F150.
  7. I have always been a Ford F-150 guy. Yesterday I traded my 2016 F-150 XLt in for a Sierra SLT X31 Crew Cab. I love it. I looked to get a new truck and I couldn't go with Ford. I feel I got so much more with the SLT then I would have gotten with the Ford. And can I say it rides so much better!! I enjoy being a GM newbie
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