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  1. The phone calls seems ,but its Bluetooth connected and cable connected(Android Auto). The Radio App seems to be routed through Android Auto and calls on BT. This isn't as flexible, but it works. I haven't tried to unpair then re-pair the phone . Probably worth a try, it may be Friday before I try it.
  2. If I connect it to USB it works fine with the Rock105 app, I haven't tried iheartradio yet but I will. Its still connected via bluetooth, its a strange problem. Thanks for suggesting the cable connection.
  3. That sucks. I hope it's not the same issue I'm having. It worked fine 2 weeks ago, with the exception being iheartradio. Now its spread to 105.5 Rock105's App when via bluetooth only.
  4. I'll have to do it in the morning. Going on duty in 20 minutes. Please add any other ideas you have.
  5. Connected via bluetooth. The most recent update for the phone was last week. Android 10.0.
  6. When I'm using my phone to listen to Iheartradio or other radio station Apps my Infotainment system will power down and restart about every 5 to 7 min . Its not loosing internet signal to the phone. Samsung S9 is my phone ,but its not locking up the phone. It seems to be fine when I'm listening to my music that is on my phone. 2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2l
  7. Thanks for the link to this story. I'm sure GM isn't going to fix this on the 15-18 trucks.
  8. I just put mine on a week ago and I hope they don't warp.
  9. The Honda dealer kept deferring an issue so the warranty would run out, so I went and bought a Toyota. Brought it by the Honda dealership and showed them I fixed the problem!
  10. Did you ever get one ? I tried and it was out of stock at the time. I went a different direction with my radios. I've got commercial radios from Motorola for ham and public safety.
  11. Never been a fan of Taptalk, but I may have to look into it. Its working today oddly enough.
  12. This is the best I've got with my 2018 Silverado 6.2l . This was running in eastern NC where it's really flat running no more than 65 mph and starting off really easy. I don't get nothing like this in the foothills of NC.
  13. When I try to look at the Forums on my phone it just dose not work at all. I've got a Galaxy S9 using Google Chrome browser. If i do a Google search then I can see the topic ,but that's the only way. You folks have any tips to fix the issue ? Doing this via my PC today. I'll have to look at it here on Monday to see the replies sadly. I like the forums and look at them on the phone.
  14. Thanks for all the info in this thread. I got the ignition ON/OFF for my P25 radios and my other radios. I used an old brake controller wiring harness to get the plug in leads to make my ignition sense wire.
  15. My Stepfather's 2018 5.3 gets about 20 mpg @70 mph , no idea what gear. My 2018 6.2 w/3.42 gets 22 mpg or a little more sometimes around 70 mph.
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