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  1. Steering wheel swap

    I ran across this a while back. My LTZ has the full featured steering wheel, but it was very interesting.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I don't have a bunch of mods to my new to me truck. I'm going to do some small things later this year.
  3. This is my new to me 2018 Z71 LTZ 6.2l .
  4. I have a tonneau cover. I may explore making a bracket to go under the edge of the cover. I will have a short run of coax that way. The P25 W3 Astro spectra is VHF ,its the higher split VHF. I can still go out of band to ham band ok. It's a 599 Flash,if you know anything about Spectra's . This is the best Flashcode.
  5. I'll look at the cab vent ,I did not think about that. I don't think I have the Bose sub. I'm going to mount the W3 Astro Spectra VHF P25 under the rear seat and the XPR4550 UHF DMR(remote head) under the rear seat. I my use an XTVA for my 800,not sure yet on that. I want to use a NMO roof mount ,but its a hard decision to drill the holes right now with this new truck Thanks , KJ4SZO
  6. Hello I am a NEW user. Does anyone here have any suggestions on a access holes to the cab for a 2018 Silverado LTZ to run power and Antennas ? I'm a Hamradio operator and public safety ,so I have 2-3 radios to mount. This was much easier in my 2006 Silverado Z71 LT3. James A.

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