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  1. My 22.5 Trail Boss 6.2l has DFM . The 3 5.3l I seen waiting on their owners didn't have DFM. I'll be glad when the Pulsar LT is updated for refreshed trucks.
  2. Wish my 22' Trail Boss 6.2l would have been a No DFM . I'm watching to see if the Pulsar LT gets updated for the Refreshed trucks.
  3. How do you see the status of your truck? Can the common consumer see that or do you have to depend on the dealership? I've got a 6.2 Trailboss on order.
  4. That shifter in the console is my least favorite update. Its a huge waste of space.
  5. Good deal . I've got a refreshed LT Trailboss on order myself.
  6. So how is GM planning to missing options like heated seats on models already sold to consumers becauseof the microchip shortage? Is all the wiring in place or is it like installing an option to a work truck? I'm planning on buying a Silverado very soon and was wondering.
  7. Yes that is the number. It is the OEM box mine came in when they were replaced.
  8. Don't have pop-ups, but this site is painfully slow ,because of all the embedded adds.
  9. Thanks for the numbers, I have put them in my file.
  10. They put on the GM p/n Brembo pads the old ones were worn to about 3mm or less in 38k. I haven't pulled a trailer yet and I'm very easy on brakes. The first 19k was done by someone else. $400 is insane for pads and a complete scam on Brembo's part. I sure hope someone makes an affordable aftermarket replacement in the future.
  11. Good to know that you have 55k on them. Every search I do gives me the normal pads for non Brembo brakes.
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