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  1. Happened for the second time today, parked in my garage this time so guess to the dealer I will go
  2. It was -8 Celsius last night and noticed command start didn’t work. When I started myself gas gauge was showing empty and low fuel. Thought someone must have siphoned my gas at first but on way to gas station gauge started slowly coming up. Anyone else noticed this? Be a pain in the ass if command start won’t work when it’s cold due to false gas reading
  3. Here’s the tsb from when I got the squeak fixed, hasn’t done it since, sorry it’s upside down
  4. I just took my truck in for an oil change at 7400 km’s And had them check into the squeak I have now in my 2019 AT4. It’s very annoying and embarrassing for a brand new truck. GM says it’s the leaf springs and there is a fix for it. Some kind of spacer and new u bolts that they ordered for me. Will update once it’s been fixed.
  5. Finally got in to get box aligned, it’s at the end of adjustment and they said not quite perfect but pretty damn close now. Looked at 3 trail bosses while I was there and they were all off as well.
  6. Called them and said swing by to get adjusted just haven’t had the time yet.
  7. Just noticed my AT4’s box is flush with cab drivers side and 1/2” or so off on passenger side?
  8. Ok, turning on notifications in Bluetooth myGMC I can now get messages but can’t reply? Says phone unsupported? I’m sure it worked right before when the app was originally on my truck, wtf?
  9. So I was able to get the message app returned to my truck today, but it just comes up with a screen saying I may have to allow access to messages on my phone? iPhone 8, any ideas?
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