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  1. My 2019 with the 6.2 did the same thing several months ago. Turned out to be an ECM within the system that was faulted. Replaced under warranty and back to me the next day. Depending on your mileage, this should be covered under your 3yr/36k mile warranty, or even potentially your emissions warranty which I believe is 8yr/80k miles. Also, anytime there's a check engine light, remote start is disabled. Hope this helps!
  2. Over all I like the design. The exterior seems a little bit soft in my opinion, but I think they evolved it best they could. I like the current(19-21) exterior better over all, but it had to change somewhere I suppose. As far as engine options, I wish the 5.3 and 6.2 would have gotten a little bit of a power bump, but...alas. I'm preferable to N/A engine options. Seems a lot of folks enjoy the 2.7, and with a power bump, they'll enjoy it more. I never personally test drove one, so I can't say much on it really. If the 5.3 is offered with the 10spd, which I'm assuming it will be, that alone makes a huge difference. I test drove and almost bought a '20 Sierra with that combination and it felt like a different drive train having the 10spd in it versus the 8spd. They say they revamped the tuning on the 8spd, but still seems to me that the 10spd would be superior regardless. If anything, hopefully the 8spd feels better and they eliminate a lot of the common issues a lot of people have complaints on(hard shifts, lag, some reliability problems). The interior is vastly improved and was much needed. I like my '19. It got a lot of knocks for the overall execution, but to me it does what I need and I don't really have much to complain about on it. I figured the console shifter was coming, and I like what they did. Personally, I'm glad they didn't go the push button route like the SUV's have. Having had a Honda pilot in years past that had push buttons for the drive selector, I hated it. Total pain and just didn't appeal to me. That's just my opinion, though. Also, that the newer tech is standard on LT and up....huge win. I'm curious what prices will be like, but I'm sure it'll be competitive. I've seen a few knocks about some of the safety tech, and I can understand why to a degree. At the same time, a lot of this I feel has been introduced on vehicles so simply aid in doing what a large number of drivers can't sometimes do, or what a lot simply don't/won't do because their phones or something else takes precedence. I'm not a perfect driver and have found myself doing the same on rare occasions, and if a vehicle can have tech that'll intervene and spare me some pain/aggravation or worse to allow me to get my head back to where it needs to be, I'm ok with this. That super cruise, though...really cool. I'm not the High Country type, but if I was, it'd be a feature I'd definitely use and look foward to. All in all, I think it seems to be a job well done. I'll get a better feel for in person, and I have no intention to drop my '19 for one, but if I did, at least I know the leap seems as though it would be worth it!
  3. Same here. I have a '19 LTZ 4x4 with the 6.2. The mileage is great for the size truck and power output. No complaints at all. I generally see 22mpg highway, and I've definitely seen a little more at times. I guess this debate is perhaps relative to where folks live(terrain) and how they drive.
  4. I def did this before on my previous '09 Silverado, ha. As others said, it should self clear after so many key cycles/drives, or you can disconnect the battery. You can take it to an autoparts store and they'll read it, but last time I tried to have them clear it, they said they no longer could because of liability reasons. Some still may clear it, though. I bought a BAFX bluetooth OBD scanner and self cleared it. It's also come in handy several times over the years. It's only $21 and you use the free app Torque(Lite) highly recommend if you're an Android user! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah, I tried to read up and it seemed like a muffler delete or swap was the best bet. The super 44 sounded great under acceleration, but just going down the freeway it was obnoxious(to me). If I had a do over, I'd put the super 44 back on with at least one flapper valve. If you're in the DFW area at all, I've still got my super 44, haha. Let me know how everything turns out once you decide! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Which part of it are you not liking? I did a Super 44 swap with flapper delete and the drone and hearing the DFM made me revert back to stock, ha. For my muffler, it had a 3" offset inlet with 3" centeted outlet and it fit perfect. I honestly think if I'd left the flappers in and didn't hear the DFM quite so much, I probably would have left it. Ah well, live and learn! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  7. Ah, that's interesting. I'd have thought they'd all be the same. Were there any other mods you had in mind to the exhaust? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  8. I looked back and actually had some photos when mine was on a lift getting the flowmaster muffler installed(now removed). I edited the picture to zoom in and marked it so it's pretty easy to see. There's one on each side. Hope this helps out! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  9. That's interesting. It should look something like the picture I attached, and you can see the resonator just back from the exhaust tip. I'd go snap a photo of mine but I'm not far off calling it a night, ha. I can get a photo of mine in the morning. Yours could always be different, too, I suppose. It may not be an all or nothing type deal. Did you buy your truck new or used? I was thinking if it were used maybe someone had the resonators removed to open up some sound, which there's some videos out there for. Or, maybe some are just different. Never say never, ha. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  10. Haha, yeah, I ran into the same thing. A friend of mine showed me his exhaust on his Trail Boss 5.3 and I saw those mesh screens near the back. I went to look at mine with the 6.2 some time later and saw the 2 resonators and no screens and had a wtf moment till I saw some info here. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  11. That's on the models with the 5.3. The 6.2 models all have 2 resonators right before the exits on each side just behind the bumper. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  12. Hahaha, if only this thread had happened a couple weeks ago, [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Mine didn't, and it shouldn't. I removed my muffler and flapper valves and put on a Flowmaster Super 44. I put about 1k miles on it before I reverted back to stock just because I wasn't a fan of the drone and hearing the DFM. I guess I need to throw on a disclaimer before I'm hit with giving "bad" info again. As some others said, there's always a risk when modding and you have to "pay to play" some times. But, what you're doing is a very common set up with what seems to be very little or no problems. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  14. I'm looking at it more as if it were from the muffler on back and no upstream sensors were affected, then any issue such as what you stated would be hard for the warranty to be denied. Sure, if a full exhaust system were swapped, O2 sensors altered, cats removed/replaced, then absolutely. But per the way the act reads, not for what he did in my opinion. A simple muffler swap shouldn't cause any issue such as that and if it did, I know I personally would go to hell and back before that were from my dime. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Good morning, Nah, you didn't void your warranty in any way. Per the law(Magnuson Moss Act), modifications made to the vehicle that affected said items would be excluded from warranty coverage if an issue arose, or if they were found to have created/caused another issue. Example, since you changed your exhaust a bit, say you had an issue with something related to it, they could push back and fault you. But, say your transmission acts up some time later, it's still covered because that's unrelated to the exhaust. Not the best examples, but hopefully it paints the picture. It seems the only time folks really void majority of their warranty is when they tune a vehicle, otherwise it's just item by item with aftermarket mods if issues come up. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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