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  1. I was thinking about using the heat wrap like you see on motorcycle pipes. I wonder if they would block enough flow to make a difference in sound?
  2. Sure the guys that have ordered will post them once they get their parts installed. Thanks to everyone figure this out, and taking the plunge on ordering the parks! Looking forward to the install photos.
  3. I just bought a custom trailboss. I feel about sick. Unfortunately the tax is so bad In California I would be blowing 8k in tax since California taxes you twice on autosales.
  4. Line-x and rear fender liners. No liners seemed chintzy to me, especially on a white truck.
  5. It may be a newer tire, Falken lists them on their website item# 28037333.
  6. Has anyone tried a LT285/75R18? I am thinking about running the Falken Wildpeak A/T3w. its 34.8 tall, but only 11.2 wide.
  7. Follow this. Post pics if you do it. I am back and forth on leveling my truck. I think this may be the way to do it. No undue strain on the cv joints or rough ride from lifting the front to high.
  8. Chevy sells them https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/front-foglamp-kit-84125494?categoryId=12002
  9. Check out CTEK. I used a CTEK Dual 250S to run 2 batteries in my Tacoma. CTEK makes 12v chargers that run off your alternator and or a solar panel. You can mount your battery anywhere and you only have to run a small gauge wire from your main battery to the charger. I made a battery box in the bed of my truck that held the charger and a fuse box to run all of my gear. I also had a 25w solar panel on my roof rack that always kept the system topped off too. I liked this setup as 1 bad battery cant drain the good one, and if you have an issue with the main battery you can just swap it for the one in the bed.
  10. TFL does an in depth vs the Rebel. The go over ground clearance and every other part of the truck.
  11. Picked up a Custom Crew Cab Trail Boss, V8. MSRP $45,965 paid $35,965 not counting tax which was an assload here in California, and got the dealer to throw in a free spray in bed liner. I was originally going to get an LT Trail Boss, but I could not really justify the price difference.
  12. I literally just picked up a 2019 Trail Boss last night. My first American car, now I am super freaked out.
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