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  1. I have same set up except mine is double cab with 6ft. bed. I agree hard to find RST with safety package. I really like the warning light in the mirrors when something is in your blind spot. I think Im in the minority though otherwise it wouldn't be so hard to find. I had to travel 200 mi. to find the options I was looking for. Could of ordered it but then the dealer isn't as motivated to deal.
  2. Took a couple weeks to get used to my seat, but its all good now. Seat is a little firm but not uncomfortable. After numerous adjustments I think I found the sweet spot. Got a 2500 mi trip in a couple weeks, that will be the real test. Hope you get yours sorted out.
  3. Got my message app from GM today, took a week from the time I sent the email to the email address listed in this thread. Thanks to those who did the research. Thats what this forum is all about. Thanks again.
  4. Switching to Dodge aint gonna work. My wifes Durango does the same thing. Happens every now and again. Just had the radio replaced, still does it. Pick a manufactuer they all got bugs.
  5. I could be wrong but I think SMS has been discontinued on our 19's. Big brother looking out for us.
  6. Haven't noticied that on my 5.3 Just getting warm up here in the frozen north. Maybe routing is different. I would think a little extension on the drain hose would cure it.
  7. I have at&t. Its 20 bucks a month for "unlimited". Its added to my cell phone bill Works great according to my daughter.
  8. Just put a Truxedo on last week. 300.00 Only had a week so cant provide a long term review. I like that its self adjusting on the tension. Sits about 3/4 in. above bed rail. Alot of choices out there.
  9. Called dealer A service advisor said "Has to done at the factory, it cant be done at the dealer". Called dealer B " Never heard of it being done at the dealer, but bring it in and lets try it" Brought the truck in 45 min. later its done. Sad thing is, dealer A is 2 blocks from my house, dealer B is 10mi. away. Best thing is I used my points also and since points are paid in 25 $ increments dealer B lowered bill from 92 $ to 75 $. so no out of pocket cost. Needless to say dealer B will be my go to dealer going forward.
  10. I keep my trucks 7-9 on average. Thats why I'm considering the extended. Hope it works out it your favor.
  11. Keep in mind bumper to bumper 36/36 Drivetrain 5/60. Got a quote for 75/72 GM platinum 0 ded. for 1600.00 I'm still thinking about it. Alot of expensive gizmos beside the drivetrain can run the bill up quick.
  12. Just had Nav installed yesterday. 2019 RST with IOS radio. Truck came with SD slot in center console. 45 min at the dealer. Works great. The nice lady I spoke with at GM tech said it would only work with IOT radio. Little disapointing the Tech folks are not up to speed on their own product.
  13. Bought one for my wifes car in 2014, so far I've used the extended warranty twice. 1500.00 ( new radiator and passenger side airbag) 1200.00 (new radio/nav). Paid 1200 for warranty in 2014. Your gambling against the house when you buy one. Manufacturer is making alot more than their losing. Still have 20k miles and 15 months left. I would recommend only the manufactuer, not after market. Good luck.
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