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  1. I'm not a businessman but I'm pretty sure if I was trying to sell a product that works "half the time" I don't think that would be a very good endorsement of my product. I think I'll wait until they offer a DFM disabler that works all the time. Hopefully they figure it out pretty soon.
  2. I spoke with with the the folks at RANGE about a month ago and was told the DFM disable module is not compatible with the 10 speed transmission. They stated they're working on it. You got an 8 Spd your good to go.
  3. Not that I've heard. Neither of my two trucks, both SU5 frt axles, have made any noise or music.
  4. You can buy an Elevation for a lot less and put a lift, wheels, tires, and all the extras you want on it. When you sell/trade it its still worth whatever the market says an Elevation is worth. You're not going to get your money back on all the after market extras. No dealer is going to price your truck based on any extras you put on it, nor will a knowledgable private buyer. I paid 50k for my AT4. Some of the options I wanted are not offered by GM on the Elevation (Tech pkg, dynamic cruise, vent seats, pwr folding mirrors, mono tube shocks, pwr pass seat, memory seats) If the Elevation suits your needs/wants I think its a good value and a sharp looking truck. For me to buy an Elevation to "save" money and try to get the options I wanted after market would not be cost effective or even possible. Whatever anybody buys its all good, I hope it all works out for you.
  5. When you find a truck you like just ask the dealer to pull the Build sheet up. Takes 5 minutes and don't cost anybody anything. Sheet will have a bunch of alphanumeric codes listed. You want Frt axle code SU5 which is the GM sourced axle.
  6. I run a dedicated winter set up but Im probably 90/10 paved road/off road in the winter, just some fire road/farm fields to get to the deer/turkey woods/fishin hole. While an off road/all terrain tire works good in deep snow, I don't think they can compare to a dedicated winter tire set up on packed snow/icy/slushy roads. Completely different rubber compounds and tread design. I've run Nokians on several vehicles, great tires but switched up last winter to Cooper Discoverer True North. Good winter tire at a decent price.
  7. Had the same issue on my 19 Silverado, corner of speaker grill stuck up about 1/8 in above dash. Pushed it down wouldn't stay.I guess it depends on your tolerance for that type of stuff, I figured it took me 2 weeks to notice it and didn't seem to affect my tunes. I ignored it. My 20 GMC Sierra speaker grill lays flat. I would guess the dealer is gonna super glue it and send you on your way.
  8. Don't mind the firm seat bottom but that vibrating thingy makes me feel like something is in my back pocket. More than once I thought I left my cell phone in my back pocket. I recently retired and I rode a motorcycle for a living, to me a firm seat is more comfortable than a soft squishy one over long distances/times. I gotta figure out how to remove the vibrating thingy.
  9. My 2020 AT4 has the buttons on the rear doors. Wonder how much GM saves by taking away that button. I doubt its a deal breaker for anyone and GM probably figured the same thing.
  10. I noticed that deal is with with GM employee discount applied, if you don't qualify for that incentive dealer may up the price on you. I see your looking in Mi. Green GMC in Davenport Iowa has a 2019 RST 5.3 All Star with Z71, Safety pkg, factory Nav, connivence pkg 2 and soft tonneau cover in Dark sky blue metallic. Hard to find combo in an RST. 11700 miles, most highway. No rear window leaks and a SU5 (GM) front axle. It was a good truck I traded it in, should be able to pick it up for 35ish. Hope it all works out for you.
  11. The 10k + off is the sum of the 6500.00 GM incentive plus whatever a particular dealer is willing to discount. The dealer number is going to vary dealer to dealer of course.
  12. Remember GM is giving 6500.00 rebate and most dealers will come an additional 5000- 6000k more without much pressure. I think if you get 12k+ off msrp your doing ok. You have an advantage in that your not trading anything, so the dealer can't muddy the numbers. If the dealer starts talking about taking your truck on trade be careful, he don't don't want a 2003 anything on his lot and will use it to separate you from more of your money. I would skip the 0% and get your own financing, otherwise you lose the 6500 GM rebate. If you can't get 12k off be prepared to walk. Be courteous but firm. Leave your number and you'll probably receive a call in a day or two. Good Luck and enjoy your new truck.
  13. Im 6'6" no problem in or out unless I use the running boards, then I get too scrunched up to get in or out. My wife uses the the running boards otherwise I would remove them.
  14. I don't regret it. I tow a small utility trailer with motorcyles or small boat trailer. If I was towing a 5th wheel or a bigger boat I wouldn't hesitate to get the 6.2 but I honestly can't justify it for my use. Premium is 80 cents a gallon more around here. I don't have a problem merging/passing on the freeway but have to admit that 6.2 is a beast in a good way, I just don't want to pay for just the fun factor of it. Think I might go look for a bigger boat.
  15. I thinks its fair to say any money the dealer says he's giving you he's starting from MSRP, then take off 6500, and if you can get anymore I think your doing pretty good, whether its military/supplier/first responder or whatever. I think 20+ percent of MSRP your doing ok. Just be careful if you have a trade involved.
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