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  1. Does this end up locking/ put it into a theft mode on the stereo once you disconnect the plugs in the back? I ask cause of my '13 when I pulled the stereo out it was instantly locked
  2. Hey I'm new to the forum, I have a 2013 gmc sierra 1500 4x4 5.3l 6l80e transmission (rebuilt approximately 100,000km ago, truck has 420,000km on it) The one day it was driving perfectly fine and then the next day we got a snow storm and it started to have problems. Wouldn't want to move forward, when it did, felt like it didn't want to shift, couldn't do anything with the manual settings as it wasn't showing when I selected it, reverse lights weren't coming on but was going into gear. I had changed the fluids and the old fluid looked and smelled fine. And now it seems to drive fine after t
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