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  1. I absolutely hate my 6 speed! I wanna sell it it drives me nuts! Has anyone ever filed lemon law on these trucks?
  2. Thanks guys for the input! I have 10k on mine and it started at 2k somedays it worse then others but most of the time it feels like it’s gonna fall out it knocks so hard I feel like! I noticed my pin seal is leaking on my rear end now and also when I shake my truck the supports for leak springs and grinding, might be Lose so once again it’s going back in!
  3. Does anyone know how to turn off the v4 so it’s just 8 I think that would help?!?!?
  4. Has anyone on here had the same issues with there 6 speeds as the 8 do? I brought my 2018 Chevy 1500 in to the shop and first they told me the U bolt were really loose causing my truck to slip and clunk on take off and slowing down as it shifts! So once I got it back it still did it so once again made another app to get it looked at and they said it normal for my truck to shift and down shift hard! Well sometimes it feels like someone rear ending me it’s so bad! Just curious if 6 speeds have the same issue as 8’s do?
  5. Man I wish I would of found this site before buying my 18’ 1500 Silverado. I bought the six speed and it’s doing everything the 8 speed has problems with! Is anyone else with a 6 speed experiencing the same problems? I brought it in to the Dealership and they said I had loose U-bolt so they tighten them up! Well it still jerked When I would slow down and sometimes on take off! So again I brought it back in and they told me this time it was a normal thing for my truck to do! Well sometimes it feels like my tranny is gonna fall out form underneath! it feels like I’m getting rear ended at times’ That’s not normal! Only have 10k on it!
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