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  1. To big I don’t like the gap between gas tank and fairing! Plus I already have 23 fender for it
  2. Also have a set of 24 inch Giovanna dramuno 6 with falken tires for sale for 2500$ I paid 4K for them 12k miles on tires
  3. Will trade for 23 Black and white inch vip alliance wheel With tire for my bike
  4. Selling my set of TIS wheels with trail blade MT tires paid 3k asking $ 2000. Around 200 miles on tires!
  5. Thanks I look around at some! Idk I might just sell these tires and wheels!
  6. Not a fan of how flares look! But I really haven’t shopped around for them either! Only really have seen two different styles!
  7. There’s little hooks in the back side of them that they go into!
  8. Should of just left my 24 on but every white truck I see has black wheels LoL! Just worried about the cops bugging me with these 33! I hate fender flares so that’s not a option lol!
  9. Thanks!! I still have the plastics pieces I had to cut them to fit I just need the snap clips for them!
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