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  1. I think I'll take my crappy clear coat and wonky transmission over that. OUCH
  2. Another thing I’ve noticed is how weak the clear coat is on these trucks. Mine is the dark blue, so everything shows up. Last time I washed it, I noticed an alarming number of bug stains in the clear. This is my 18th vehicle and I have never seen clear this soft. Anyone else notice this?
  3. There isn’t a human in the planet that backs up from a parking space or something then sits................for 15 seconds................ then puts their vehicle in Drive. That dealer is off his nut. There are times when you don’t have time to putz around, like when you make a 3 point turn and head the other way. If cars are coming who is going to sit there for 15 seconds? Crazy!
  4. Yes, only at night. Looks great during the day, but for some reason, GM hasn't fixed the "Crank the brightness up to 1,000 when it goes into reverse" problem. Why the screen brightness isn't matched to the dash light level is utterly beyond me. You literally have to cover the screen with something or you can't see your mirrors and it destroys your night vision.
  5. 2019 Silverado 1500 RST Crew Cab, love the truck but very concerned about the seemingly unfixable torque converter problem. When shifting from reverse to drive, unless the truck is 100% stationary, it will surge and slam into drive. When holding a steady speed, especially going up a slight incline, the transmission will surge and feel like it’s slipping cogs or something. It clunks and bumps and surges something awful. I’ve read a ton on here about other guys’ experiences, what has and hasn’t worked. I’m hoping they can just update the transmission software. I’ve read that GM had acknowledged the issue and was supposed to send out an announcement in Q1 2019, but as far as I can tell, that hasn’t happened. Would greatly appreciate any feedback from others on this issue. I’ve seen the camera fisheye thing twice, but have since trained myself to wait 4-5 seconds before shifting into reverse and haven’t seen it since. Oh, and the ridiculous screen brightness when shifting into reverse. But I think that’s inherent in the design, not a “problem” per se.
  6. We looked at the 2017’s also. Couldn’t believe how much nicer they rode and handled than the old beater ‘04 Z71!
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