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  1. I have a 2018 SLT 6.2 and had them put the GM borla on when I bought the truck last thanksgiving. The pipe is definitely larger than the 5.3. Hadn't ever looked to determine the flapper valve but they told me it was the only performance exhaust tuned to GM specs not to drone. It sounds really good and exactly what I was looking for in a more refined yet performance sound. I will say it still sounded funny in AFM mode. I put a CAI on and dyno tuned to remove the AFM among other things. Sounds great. I'd say turn AFM off if you want an exhaust. I want to get headers eventually and I think it will be a perfect combo to not be super loud but sound more aggressive. I've heard people say you can't really hear headers with a stock muffler and others say they are too damn loud (unless thats what you are going for) with the louder mufflers.
  2. If you are looking for something factory performance sounding it is a good option. I have it on my 2018 6.2 and wanted a performance sound, not too loud. Cruising around you can't hear it at all which is what I wanted. It doesn't drone really at all except sounds a little funny with the AFM v4 mode which I deleted with a tune. There are ways you can do it that won't mess with the warranty and AFM doesn't make a noticeable difference in fuel mileage anyhow. I have a couple friends with stock exhausts that really want one after riding in my truck. Maybe youtube borla touring cold start to get an idea.
  3. I have the same. Ive been meaning to post the dyno chart. Truck Dyno.pdf
  4. I was happy with them. HP Tuners license was $200 and I think just over $500 for the dyno time.
  5. I had my tune done by a professional at National speed in Wilmington I had my tune done at National Speed in Wilmington NC and they definitely sing their tuners praises. I agree its the high end of what I've seen without headers. It was done on stock wheels and tires at sea level on a cool December day. I'm guessing i'd be around 405 RWHP or so with headers and not much additional torque.
  6. I've seen videos on youtube with that set up. It will be really loud. Ive heard some people wanting to go back to a more mellow exhaust after headers. I have a 2018 as well and would like headers to add to my borla touring and CAI plus dyno tune. You worried about the warranty at all or don't care? Don't know if I can wait 3 years.
  7. No E-85 here. Never seen it either around the coastal SE. I definitely want to do headers but seeing reviews of the ported TBs and you can do a turn in for $150 it seemed worth while in the least I've heard initial throttle response. My big wonder is why the factory wouldn't improve their design if its even a minimal improvement. I actually don't really see how headers could take much away down low on these 8 speeds. The thing already pulls the doors off a barn in first or second and wants to rev between 2,500-4,000 through the gears at 30% throttle.
  8. I recently dyno tuned my 2018 6.2 SLT with a cold air inductions intake and borla touring exhaust. It made 389 RWHP and 443 RWTRQ on stock tires. From my best observation a stock 6.2 on stock tires makes around 358 RWHP and 390 RWTRQ. Anyone else agree? This would be an increase of 31hp and 53ftlbs. I was wondering what additional long tubes and a ported TB would make. Truck only has 6K on it so I would probably wait until closer to warranty exp in case something wonky defect happens low miles.
  9. I have searched high and low for stock dyno numbers on the 6.2 L86 and have only found 1 on this site from years back with aftermarket tires. Anyone have a baseline from anywhere? I will say mine after intake, exhaust, and tune is 389.18 HP and 443.85torque. Thanks
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