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  1. Yeah, Im at a loss. Towing our travel trailer over 200 miles next week and am not looking forward to not being able to see all the way down the TT.
  2. As long as the trans temp is not consistently above 220, it will be fine.
  3. Question for you... what are you doing for tow mirrors? I am having trouble finding attachable tow mirrors like i used to have for my 11 Silverado.
  4. Question for you... what are you doing for tow mirrors? I am having trouble finding attachable tow mirrors like i used to have for my 11 Silverado.
  5. sedan's and SUVs are unibody's these days. Half ton trucks are still body on frame and more capable than ever before. Get with the times.
  6. You should be fine. With the 3.23 rear gear ratio your crew cab with the 5.3 will tow up to 9600. Its definitly better to leave 10% head room so call it 8800 lb. you can safely tow.
  7. I picked up my 19 SIlverado LTZ, Z71, Crew Cab a few weeks ago. It was a dealer demo so that knocked off $1500. GM had rebates going on for this month so that knocked off $8k. My wife has a GM employee discount and that knocked off another almost $4k. All that coupled with the trade in on my 2011 I ended up paying 50% off the MSRP of $52k. I'm totally happy with that!
  8. I took a trip this weekend in my 19 Silverado 4X4, LTZ, Crew Cab with 5.3. I did 440.6 miles and used 21.289 gallons for a hand calculated MPG of 20.7 MPG average. The DIC is still dead nuts on too. The driving was a mixture of long stretches of 58mph, a little in town driving, and about 150 miles of 79mph. I couldn't be happier with the savings in fuel I am getting on this truck. I will be pulling our camper over the 4th of July for the first time and will do a hand calculation of pulling the trailer.
  9. Im not sure how to do that I guess. I uploaded them as an attachment and they are able to download.
  10. I have the non-Bose system and I wish it could get louder. I have it set to 3/4 faded to the rear as well as auto-volume to medium to compensate for louder engine noises, etc... Most complaints I have seen from 2019 owners is that the volume is too quiet and we have to have it turned up all the way to enjoy a louder volume with windows open.
  11. Well, Folks... I promised I would report the real world MPG on my 2019 Silverado on my second fill up with a hand calculation compared to the DIC report on my trip odometer. Here are the results.... With the Fuel Economy monitor set at 50 miles, it said I was averaging 21.5 MPG with 24.3 MPG as a best at the time of fill up. The trip odometer from the time I filled up said I drove 432.1 miles and averaged 20.3 MPG. When I filled the tank it stopped at 21.212 gallons. The hand calculation of 432.1 divided by 21.212 gallons of fuel is 20.37 MPG average. So, my 2019 Silverado with the 5.3 motor, 8 speed tranny and 3.23 rear gear ratio is not only getting a phenomenal real world MPG that I have personally never been able to achieve in a V8 pickup truck, but the DIC is 100% accurate and off by a blonde one in my favor! 2019-06-20_19-19-14_545.heic 2019-06-20_19-19-27_704.heic 2019-06-20_19-19-14_545.heic 2019-06-20_19-19-27_704.heic
  12. I think how one drives with these 8 speed tranny's has a lot to do with the MPGs as well. I notice the old school way of babying the throttle from a dead stop where you make sure the RPMs never get above 2k keeps the tranny shifting through 2-4 gears slowly and they seemed to be tuned for some high torque or something that drops the live MPG monitor on the DIC. If you get through those gears quickly and start getting into 5-7 before she goes into 8th gear, the live MPG monitor jumps up into the teens rather than staying below 10 like in 1-4 gears.
  13. Nice looking truck. I have no help for you unfortunately other than to say good luck. I have a 2019 as well and with all the technology in it and to make my warranty hassle free, I am not going to do any mods to it.
  14. Beautiful install! Im looking for ideas to install my 2m/44 in my 2019 Silverado.
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