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  1. It sounded different than what is on american trucks and carvens install video, even from first start up. But it definitely sounds way better in person than in video. Not sure if my intake is playing a part on it as well for my ears sitting inside the cab
  2. I really enjoy the tone and rumble from the progressive series, the quality is amazing too. I did put on the k&n intake before the cat back so it tends to drown it out sometimes. Afm is not disabled. The v4 doesnt bother me. If you have an aftermarket intake and the noise from it does not bother you, the progressive series wont either. There is some drone at 1700-2000 rpms but I rarely stay in that range driving around town
  3. Installed the cst 3.5” spindle, k&n intakr, carven progressive cat back, 17x8.5 methods wrapped in 295/70r17 ridge grapplers.
  4. CST 3.5” spindles and 17x8.5 methods installed today wrapped with 295/70r17 ridge grapplers. No rubs
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