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  1. Mines been doing it a lot more the last week or 2. Happens at least half the time when at operating temp. Only 9000 miles. 2019 rst 2wd 8 speed. I have done 12 quarts of the new fluid earlier this year. I came across this post today and hope to try it soon.
  2. Pretty sure it was just regular 10mm nuts. The nuts had silicone on them and there were rubber washers embedded on the exterior side. I've still heard the noise on mine since doing this but its not as frequent.
  3. Use c clamps to hold the leaf pack together. I also had to use some ratchet straps to pull the axle to get the center pins back in their locating holes. Chock the front wheels and set the ebrake to try and minimize how much things shift around.
  4. This video is great. Wish I had seen it before doing the install. I'm surprised they are selling their kit for $1200 though. I got my parts for right around $820. And that was a full spoiler rather than just the light assembly.
  5. Ebay. There was a reseller that had take offs. Wasn't any cheaper than the gmparts websites but it works and I'm happy with it.
  6. Installed mine today. Thanks for all the part numbers and install tips!
  7. Pulled mine off today to install a new one that has the rear view mirror camera in it. Took some photos to see if there were any differences and the only thing I found was some rubber washers on the yellow clips. Hasn't been long enough to know if the problem is gone but I'll follow up when I've had some more time with it.
  8. Following as I think I have the same issue. Mine normally happens the loudest when I first pull out of the driveway and the rear drops the couple inches onto the street. Don't hear it again the rest of the day. I pulled the rear brakes apart a few thousand miles ago and greased the contact points. No change. Pretty sure its the lead springs.
  9. This thread has the info. For me, it happens whenever it is hot outside and the roof starts to cool off. Does it really bad when I wash the truck in the afternoon and I spray water on the spoiler.
  10. FYI, I have been watching ebay for parts since this thread was started and there is now a seller that is selling spoiler assemblies for 225 that are painted and look to include the needed harness. I've also had the tapping noise coming from my spoiler so I've ordered all the parts to do the camera upgrade and hopefully fix the tapping at the same time. Managed to get the mirror for $540 and the cable for $30. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333602342491 Excited to give this a try.
  11. Mine felt like rumble strips before flipping the shims around around 30-40mph. Only drove a few miles like this so I don't have much more than that. Also had new tires installed by the dealer at 5k because the old one vibrated above 60
  12. https://ihcsuspension.com/product/2019-chevy-gmc-2wd-4wd-3-5-lowering-kit-with-helper-bags The description for this one shows that to avoid the notch, you do a flip kit for 6" and then +1" shackles to do a 3/5 drop.
  13. I pulled the console on mine to see if it was possible like on the previous gen trucks. Its not as easy. Many more things to work around and the box volume would be difficult to keep up. Factory box is only about 4 inches tall at the thickest area so that presents several challenges
  14. Gotcha. I mean it makes sense but its odd that it just started happening. Granted its probably only been plugged in for 2-3 reports so its a very small number of chances. Guess we'll see how it does going forward
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