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  1. Any chance you have a sound clip of that? I don't want to go too loud but I would imagine just a muffler swap with an R is probably not much louder than the full progressive catback and I wouldn't be opposed to that either but haven't heard one yet. Guessing it probably isn't too different to the last gen engines so I'll look at those too on youtube. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Any weird noise on the highway because of DFM like on the old AFM system? Had a carven catback on my 2015 and hated the helicopter noise when my tune was off. I emailed carven about a month ago and they said the catbacks should be released early next year. Interested in getting one for sure.
  3. Not sure if the 2019's are the same way or not, but my 2015 ltz that had ventilated seats as well would never feel that hot. After searching online it seemed everyone with cooled/heated seats complained that the heaters would not transfer heat as well as the standard heated seats so I always thought something was wrong because they would not get that warm when remote starting. Now switched into my 2019 with just plain leather heated seats and it works very well. I can always tell that they have been running during a remote start warm up.
  4. I have it as well. Asked the dealer about it last time I went in and they told me they couldn't reproduce it. Just the drivers side for me as well. You can feel the difference between the 2 by just wiggling them.
  5. Did you torque the ubolts or just check if they were tight? On my 2015 when I installed a lift, I torqued them to about 70ftlbs and went for a test drive and had a clunk. increased it to 100ftlbs and no more noise.
  6. I had non E range wildpeaks on my 2015 and could not get rid of the vibration. Half the reason I switched to the 2019 (other have was the wonky 6spd shifting) Running the factory tires on the factory 22"s and have a little seat vibration still. Just had the dealer road force balance and it is better but still there sometimes. Seems worse when I let the truck sit for a couple days.
  7. Yea, this is what I'm worried about. Seems like one of those things that I might look back on and wish I had just paid the install money. I imagine the hood being pretty easy on these trucks, it's the grill and bumper curves that I am not so sure about. When you say it looked like crap, do you mean creases in the wrap or uneven finish or just overall alignment issues?
  8. Where did you buy the rolls from and how did you cut it? Just get it close to size and then cut around the edges after it was all in place? I was considering buying the kit for the grill, bumper, fenders, mirrors, & hood then getting a small roll to do the headlights and maybe rockers and lower door sills since these could just be rectangle strips. Although I'm guessing this stuff probably cuts pretty easy if you have a new/really sharp blade. Messaged the company on ebay selling the kit and they told me the warranty covers yellowing for 5 years which is my biggest concern. Although if I find it easy enough to cut my own and am able to do patches for cheap, I really wouldn't mind.
  9. And just to expand a little, I watched a few videos on the install and seems that the most difficult thing is when you have a double angled corner like a couple spots on the bumper where the recess for the grill is. Rest of the pieces look pretty easy. so I feel pretty confident in being able to do it with some patience and a heat gun. Just wanting to know if there are any success or horror stories before diving into it.
  10. I'm very tempted to buy a precut 3m pro series ppf and try to do a self install on my 2019 rst. Wanting to protect the color matched front from rock chips. Has anyone on here tried going this route and if so, any opinions on the install? I've done quite a bit of paint correction on the last several vehicles and have plenty of experience doing my own work, but have never tried a ppf. Price for the precut kit seems pretty good. It just isn't worth it to me to pay over $1000 to have the stuff put on but for $280 and a afternoon I am highly considering it.
  11. This video goes into a little more detail about how the system works. Pretty neat stuff. Scary that there are so many moving parts but neat from an engineering standpoint. Coming from a 2015 (5.3 6spd) silverado with AFM to my 19 (5.3 8spd) with DFM there is a night and day difference in drive ability. Weird shifting aside, the lag and jump between afm activating was miserable. I had a diablosport lew tune the entire time I owned the truck to make it more enjoyable/driveable. On the new 19, there is a little delay in the time you step on the pedal and the power comes in but it is smooth. I can't feel the disabled cylinders like you could on afm
  12. Anything special about dropping the liner? Just the usual drop the visor, center overhead console, and dome lights, then pull the A, B, & C pillars? were you able to move it out of the way enough without pulling it completely out of the truck?
  13. Haven't looked for the bulletin anywhere but this is what I was told this week. Mine isn't that bad or frequent though.
  14. Well got my truck back today and got the annoying "couldn't reproduce the problem" Hopefully as the weather cools the problem will happen less.
  15. Dropped mine off this week at the dealer for a vibration and told them about this too. Still no word from them.
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