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  1. Mine felt like rumble strips before flipping the shims around around 30-40mph. Only drove a few miles like this so I don't have much more than that. Also had new tires installed by the dealer at 5k because the old one vibrated above 60
  2. https://ihcsuspension.com/product/2019-chevy-gmc-2wd-4wd-3-5-lowering-kit-with-helper-bags The description for this one shows that to avoid the notch, you do a flip kit for 6" and then +1" shackles to do a 3/5 drop.
  3. I pulled the console on mine to see if it was possible like on the previous gen trucks. Its not as easy. Many more things to work around and the box volume would be difficult to keep up. Factory box is only about 4 inches tall at the thickest area so that presents several challenges
  4. Gotcha. I mean it makes sense but its odd that it just started happening. Granted its probably only been plugged in for 2-3 reports so its a very small number of chances. Guess we'll see how it does going forward
  5. Is the update for the onstar system or the range?
  6. Yea. I am pretty sure it worked last month. Today I did get the pop up asking me to agree to the terms again which seems to happen every few weeks so maybe there was some sort of onstar update that made it happen? I'm completely guessing but just wanted to share. I was told this week that I no longer needed to send updates on the beta testing since it has been released. I also asked if there were any updates to the releases version compared to the beta and was told they are the same. So I'm curious if others will experience similar things as they become more popular
  7. Found another weird thing today. Going on about 2 months of testing the disabler and this is the 1st time I've noticed that the onstar diagnostics no longer work. Not that it's a big deal because I can see there are no lights on the dash but I assume this means gm can see something is plugged in.
  8. I used c clamps to hold the leaf springs together and take the tension off of the bolt going through them. Just chock your wheels and be ready to have to push/pull the axle into place if you have to lift the truck enough to allow the alignment pins to come out of their holes. I used ratchet straps to pull the axle in the direction I needed to to get them back into place. If you can get the center bolt loose without having to clamp the bolt head you're good.
  9. There's a really small window where I can hear the hollow tube sound if I get on it but it's only for a second or two.i don't know that I would call it drone. On the k2 trucks with a airaid tube or cai you could hear the hollow tube sound when getting on it through a lot of the rpm range.
  10. less so than on the k2 trucks if you are familiar with those. So I have a carven catback as well so the exhaust covers up a lot of the noise so it is hard for me to gauge but it did balance the sound from the engine to the back of the truck a bit.
  11. Started feeling a slight surge when cruising at a steady speed between 30-40mph. Added a S&B CAI this week and not sure if it has caused this or if I can just hear it happening now because the intake is noisier. 5.3l 8 speed.
  12. It is huge. Haha. Yea I saw on their website that you have to confirm it isn't going to CA. It took me almost a month to get it because it was on backorder but overall I am happy. Will see how it holds up. Let me know how you like the AFE
  13. just got mine yesterday. I have a carven catback as well so its obviously quieter than that but I do like that it balances the sound a bit between the engine and back. A little throaty when you get on it but not really a noticeable difference in response or power
  14. I have a carven catback progressive series. Very mild and can be had for less the $600. Doesn't have any flappers so it does make a little helicopter noise without dfm disabled. Edit- sorry guess mine is the short bed and you're asking about the longer one.
  15. Mine is within 1/4-1/2" all the way around. Not sure it'll get much closer than that.
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