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  1. Got a part number or any photos of the install? Did you end up getting an aftermarket one or the oem camaro one?
  2. Has anyone seen a procedure for how the dealer is supposed to replace or inspect the fluid? Considering changing mine after a few thousand miles because I don't believe I have the new fluid that is now listed in the TSB and honestly would rather just replace it myself without having to deal with trying to convince the dealer that I feel a weird shift every now and then.
  3. I had a 15 ltz With boss and now have a 19 rst with Bose. They definitely sound a little different. The sub sounds about the same and weak. Probably because it is smaller than the door speakers... Sound quality overall is not bad. Especially for a factory system. I feel like the highs sounded clearer and better on the 15 but the mids are better on the 19. Also the 19 is much louder and stays clearer louder than the 15. Certainly could be better but I like the upgrades to the head unit itself and don’t want to go through the trouble of working around the Bose. May install another sub to make the lows better but nothing crazy.
  4. Got mine in today. Tried to install them on the higher set of holes and found that I still had about 3/4" of rake so I went ahead and went with the lower set. Also flipped around the shims just to be safe. no vibrations. Just need to adjust the headlights not and all should be good. Before: After:
  5. Glad to hear that spinning the shim is the fix for everyone. Received mine today and hoping to install tomorrow.
  6. Just went out and did this to mine as well and so far so good. went for a short drive and all was quiet. Thank you all!
  7. Same here. I really enjoy it as long as it isn't 100 degrees outside..
  8. I've used this on wiper cowls and other black plastic with good results. Not really any long term (more than a year) experience but was have seen several people suggest 303. I typically use it after using prepall to remove dried wax from black plastic/rubber. I don't apply it to anything that doesn't look dried out as it seems unnecessary. Glad i'm not the only one who spends this much time washing vehicles haha. Wife thinks I'm crazy when I spend a few hours doing a wash and wax on both cars. Including clean up time, I'd say I'm about 1-1.5 hours per car. Typically just wash and dry and wipe down of the interior as needed. Closer to 8 hours per vehicle when I start doing compound and polish then sealant and wax.
  9. Interested in a pic as well. Just traded my 15 in for a 19 and have an e2 that I pulled off.
  10. Here’s the 15 I traded in
  11. Just south of Nashville. Nice truck!
  12. 2019 2wd RST Silverado CC with several options. Msrp: $52,395 asking price $46,694 sell price: $42,000+ttl
  13. Hey, new guy to the forum as I just traded in my 2015 Silverado ltz for a 2019 Silverado rst. Been a member on another forum for a while but there are many more people on this site with the new body style. Seems to be a bit more info to learn from and more folks to share my experience with. Photos are fresh off the lot. Nothing crazy planned as of yet. Tint Is probably first. Along with some debadging.
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