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  1. Dropped mine off yesterday. Service manager seems hopeful that gm will approve new tires.
  2. Got mine today. Unfortunately my truck is at the dealer getting a vibration diagnosed. Hoping to get it back by the weekend. Compared to AFM I agree it is not very noticeable. I am most interested in it because i plan to get the new carven catback soon and don't want the noise. Also happy that it disables the auto off feature.
  3. Nice. Hopefully things go well. I've been looking at getting a carven catback as well but was on the fence because I didn't want to have to deal with the helicopter noise from deactivated cylinders. I am however supposed to be taking my truck in next Monday and getting a loaner and have no idea how long they will have it. Hopefully it's pretty quick so I can try out the new toy.
  4. I got an email from range today and they are sending me a beta unit for testing. Told me it shipped today, so looks like things are moving forward.
  5. I'm still going through the same thing. 22's as well. Taking it back to the dealer for the 4th time next week and am hoping they come to the same solution just so I can be done with the shakes.
  6. Dropped mine off this morning. Waiting to hear back on the diagnosis and proposed fix. I assume it's just the seal.
  7. Nice. Well that's awesome that it cleared up. Maybe it was overfilled from the factory.
  8. Have you checked the fluid level to make sure it's not so low that it just isn't leaking anymore? I doubt a rear diff would get that low this quick on a newer truck but you never know.
  9. Found that mine is leaking this week. Taking it in Monday to get a loaner and have it fixed. Assuming they will just do the seal on mine as well. Have splatter on the exhaust, bottom of the bed, and the fuel tank. Could easily be wiped off with some degreaser but am leaving it until it's fixed.
  10. Any chance you have a sound clip of that? I don't want to go too loud but I would imagine just a muffler swap with an R is probably not much louder than the full progressive catback and I wouldn't be opposed to that either but haven't heard one yet. Guessing it probably isn't too different to the last gen engines so I'll look at those too on youtube. Thanks for the insight!
  11. Any weird noise on the highway because of DFM like on the old AFM system? Had a carven catback on my 2015 and hated the helicopter noise when my tune was off. I emailed carven about a month ago and they said the catbacks should be released early next year. Interested in getting one for sure.
  12. Not sure if the 2019's are the same way or not, but my 2015 ltz that had ventilated seats as well would never feel that hot. After searching online it seemed everyone with cooled/heated seats complained that the heaters would not transfer heat as well as the standard heated seats so I always thought something was wrong because they would not get that warm when remote starting. Now switched into my 2019 with just plain leather heated seats and it works very well. I can always tell that they have been running during a remote start warm up.
  13. I have it as well. Asked the dealer about it last time I went in and they told me they couldn't reproduce it. Just the drivers side for me as well. You can feel the difference between the 2 by just wiggling them.
  14. Did you torque the ubolts or just check if they were tight? On my 2015 when I installed a lift, I torqued them to about 70ftlbs and went for a test drive and had a clunk. increased it to 100ftlbs and no more noise.
  15. I had non E range wildpeaks on my 2015 and could not get rid of the vibration. Half the reason I switched to the 2019 (other have was the wonky 6spd shifting) Running the factory tires on the factory 22"s and have a little seat vibration still. Just had the dealer road force balance and it is better but still there sometimes. Seems worse when I let the truck sit for a couple days.
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