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  1. Sad thing is, they haven't done ANYTHING to help me out. All out of pocket expenses that I need to submit to GM Allstate when I'm all finished and back home. 2 rental cars. Hotel. Gas. Tow bill. Very sad. Funny too that the new truck powertrain warranty is only to 60,000 miles.
  2. Yes it does look like I'll try out a Ford. Love the Raptors. Found a 2017 Roush with EcoBoost. We'll see when I get it back. Waiting on parts.
  3. Just happened to me 4 weeks ago on vacation. Still in Tennessee getting new lifters and cam and whatever else. 30 years of Gm. No more when I get it back.
  4. Went to Tennessee, from Illinois, last Friday with my 2015 Silverado High Country 6.2 and 2 waverunners. Around 60,000 miles. Returned yesterday with a rental car that I paid for. Truck had issues and took it to the dealer. Collapsed lifter. Said it might be a couple of weeks. Waiting to go back down to pick up truck and waverunners. They said the have done several of these. Not a happy camper. Been a GM guy for 30 years. Looks like me and GM have broken up.
  5. 2015 Silverado High Country 6.2 60,000 miles. Went to Tennessee on Friday the 12th for vacation. Pulled 2 waverunners down. Came back yesterday with a rental car that I had to pay for. Collapsed lifter. Been a Gm man for 30 years. Not happy. Truck will be there for a couple of weeks. Then go back down from Illinois and get truck and waverunners. VERY Inconvenient. I'm pretty sure me and Gm broke up.
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