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  1. Any fix yet? Just got truck back from getting new lifters, cam etc. Truck ran great before collapsed lifter. Now new parts and it vibrates and shudders between 45 and 60.
  2. No. Factory parts. Covered under warranty. Seems to be running fine now. Wonder if it was in some sort of learn mode.
  3. Hello everyone, Just got my 2015 Silverado 6.2L back from a lifter overhaul. Truck ran great 15 minutes into town and a bit of city driving. When I jumped backed on interstate I got behind a few semi trucks going around 50 or 55. When my truck dropped into V4 it was shaking and shuddering. Almost lime a misfire. Like it was having a hard time pulling the truck in V4. As soon as it went into V8 it smoothed out no problem. It seemed like lower speeds it would shake. Anyone have any idea? No codes Thanks
  4. Sad thing is, they haven't done ANYTHING to help me out. All out of pocket expenses that I need to submit to GM Allstate when I'm all finished and back home. 2 rental cars. Hotel. Gas. Tow bill. Very sad. Funny too that the new truck powertrain warranty is only to 60,000 miles.
  5. Yes it does look like I'll try out a Ford. Love the Raptors. Found a 2017 Roush with EcoBoost. We'll see when I get it back. Waiting on parts.
  6. Just happened to me 4 weeks ago on vacation. Still in Tennessee getting new lifters and cam and whatever else. 30 years of Gm. No more when I get it back.
  7. Went to Tennessee, from Illinois, last Friday with my 2015 Silverado High Country 6.2 and 2 waverunners. Around 60,000 miles. Returned yesterday with a rental car that I paid for. Truck had issues and took it to the dealer. Collapsed lifter. Said it might be a couple of weeks. Waiting to go back down to pick up truck and waverunners. They said the have done several of these. Not a happy camper. Been a GM guy for 30 years. Looks like me and GM have broken up.
  8. 2015 Silverado High Country 6.2 60,000 miles. Went to Tennessee on Friday the 12th for vacation. Pulled 2 waverunners down. Came back yesterday with a rental car that I had to pay for. Collapsed lifter. Been a Gm man for 30 years. Not happy. Truck will be there for a couple of weeks. Then go back down from Illinois and get truck and waverunners. VERY Inconvenient. I'm pretty sure me and Gm broke up.
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