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  1. No photos to share, mine is still stock but, for those who have installed taller than stock tires - up to 35" - how has it affected overall drivability, shifting at highway speed, etc.? I had 35's on an older model Silverado and at 65-75mph on the interstate, it had issues staying in top gear. Just curious to hear real-world experiences. TIA
  2. I own a 2021 4x4 High Country - the seats are hard. They "may" be slightly more comfortable than other trim levels, not sure, but I can confirm they are not very comfortable for trips more than about 1 hour. I often ride in a 2021 Ford Lariat and the seats are MUCH more comfortable - i don't want a Ford, just expressing my opinion on the seats.
  3. Sorry if I'm asking a question that's already been asked and answered many times but, anyone have a list of torque specs or point me in a direction to find them? In particular; Upper Strut Mount Nuts - Lower Strut Mount Bolts - Upper Ball Joint Nut - Sway Bar End Link - Thanks!
  4. So the increased angle on the lower control arm, caused by the upper strut spacer, didn't put the ends of the lower strut bolts closer to the CV boot? Or, not close enough to matter maybe? Just trying to get as much information as possible on this before I buy and install. Was curious if you or anyone else may have turned the lower strut mount bolts over so the threaded end isn't pointing at the axle/CV boot. Granted, it may require new/different bolts if that's the case.
  5. Another question, after you installed the Upper Strut spacer, how close did it put the Lower Strut mounting bolts to the CV boot? Since the lower strut bolts are installed from the bottom and the end sticks up towards the CV axle/boot.
  6. Ah, sorry.....I didn't see that yours is 2WD until I read it again..... Yeah, you shouldn't have any problems.
  7. There's been a lot of communication (and photos) on here about the CV boots contacting the bolts/mount on the bottom mount leveling kits when at full drop. How does yours look? Are the boots really close to the bolt heads when the wheel is at full drop? Just curious.
  8. Are these the Rough Country's you're referring to?
  9. Ah, Ok. Thanks for the update. Was planning to install this weekend but, glad I got in touch with you first.
  10. Xsquid, any install advice for the MotoFab 1.5" Lower spacer on a 2020 RST 4WD? I installed 1.5" lower spacers on a 2010, 2 wheel drive many years ago and did not do all the steps MotoFab shows for the same type kit but for my 2020 RST.
  11. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and need help from as many folks as possible. I am trying to identify the electric motor used on my Sierra Denali Power Running Boards. It looks like a conventional power window motor to me but I have no idea which vehicle it may actually be made for. I am trying to avoid the $150+ that the Power Board manufacturer sells the replacement motors for. The Power Board installation manual has a part number of 489.39 but I'm sure this is the Power Board manufacturers assigned part number. I am positing a copy of this on other forums to get as much coverage possible so, please don't flame me for repeating somewhere else. See attached photo's and hopefully someone can identify a potential make and model vehicle this motor would fit. Thanks, C
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