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  1. I'll be honest, I read the title and figured I'd post my opinion without going into the back and forth I noticed here. You can easily run a high quality oil for an extended amount of time as long as you change the filter multiple times. With today's oil technology the limitation is usually the filter and not the oil. I'd recommend Pennzoil UP, Amsoil, or any other high quality oil with proven stability over extended OCI's. You have to make sure that it's compatible with the dexron gen1v2 specs for minimizing LSPI. Not to mention keeping the intake/exhaust ports free of oil buildup due to the DI fuel system. Read up on BITOG forums or Ford Ecoboost forums to get into some nitty gritty details on LSPI. Do an oil analysis through Blackstone labs and they can give you an idea of how long your OCI can be with your combinations of oil, filter, and vehicle use.
  2. Playing devil's advocate here... Won't those magnets affect the spring that is directly on the other side of them? I know they had to change the spring specifications on the oil filters to support the new requirements of these direct injection motors. I would be careful trying an "old school" fix for a perfectly acceptable oil filtration system. IMO you're better suited to having a heavy magnet on your drain plug than in the oil filter. Just my 2¢
  3. This measurement plus a measurement from the face of caliper to the rotor face by the wheel studs would give everyone they need to see what wheel combinations will work with their truck. Can you do this and post the values?
  4. Get a leveling kit and see how you like it with the factory size (diameter/width). You can take measurements or check the pinned wheel/tire fitment guide in the main 2014-2018 forum. There's loads of pictures with various levels and lifts to get you started in the right direction. I recommend buying a good leveling kit, anything that's <$150 probably isn't worth it. Spacers work just fine, just don't do a level or lift that utilizes the lower coilovers mount.
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