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  1. I had heard that the replacement stub shaft is about 1/8" shorter... Can't verify that, but my understanding is that the original is slightly too long causing it to rub under certain conditions.
  2. My understanding from my dealership was that the stub shaft is a special order part currently and not generally available. Apparently there's a special process they have to go through to order it along with additional documentation that they need to send to GM.
  3. I'm waiting in my dealer to get the parts in. Mine sounds like a wheel bearing that squeals in a repetitive cycle. Only happens when it's hot out (90+) and I've driven a while (30 minutes or more)... Guessing that combo causes something to expand. Thankfully I don't have a long drive to work so I don't have to hear it frequently.
  4. There should be a 4th part as well (the stub shaft, which is supposedly the cause of the issue). I'm not sure what the part # is though.
  5. that above line has me concerned... not sure how a software update fixes an odor or smoke
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