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  1. mine was in for this among other things a few weeks back. The video system had some codes, they did some different tests (would have to look at the paperwork for details) and found the video processing module had an internal short... replaced the module... we'll see how long it lasts. Mine was very intermittent (would do it for 1/2 a day and then not act up for months)... thankfully this time there was some evidence w/ the codes being set.
  2. Any one else have issues where you got the update, but the build number doesn't update in the About menu? on mine, the build number still shows v509 from November, 2018... but the 807 update said it updated successfully... as a side note, the radio module was replaced in my truck last week due to an issue and I believe the old module was on v805 (and showed this w/ the build number).... guessing something is confused. going to have them look at it at the dealer this Friday as they screwed up another repair (replaced the steering column due to the loose shifter issue and now the horn doesn't work). Edit: all up to date now... Had like 3 more updates to do, apparently they're incremental. Everytime I put the truck in park thos afternoon it did another update and gradually got to the latest. Strange thing is in the update history just shows the latest update 4 times instead of the incremental versions 50x->509->805.1->807
  3. mine's been doing this as well for the past month or so on and off... unfortunately not often enough to bother taking it to the dealer to not be able to reproduce the issue. I had the 2WD jingle issue fixed a few months back, and that particular noise hasn't returned. My clicking noise mostly happens on braking, but occasionally when taking off and seems to be coming from the passenger side underneath the front, whereas the jingle issue in 2WD was clearly (on mine at least) from the drivers side of the vehicle.
  4. on mine, rear defrost usually comes on, heated steering wheel comes on, but heated seats do not (ventilated seats wouldn't come on in summer either with remote start)... currently at the dealer for recalls and a loose shifter... having them look at the heated seats not enabling while it's there... i'll try and remember to post back if they figure it out.
  5. Got mine repaired last week under the exist PIP5653B bulletin. Time will tell if it's effective or not. Based on what I'm seeing here it may not be, but unfortunately we need to go through the process. Unfortunately for me I may not know if the fix is effective until next summer. On mine the noise only presented itself when it was 90+ degrees out and I drove the truck for 30+ minutes.
  6. I had heard that the replacement stub shaft is about 1/8" shorter... Can't verify that, but my understanding is that the original is slightly too long causing it to rub under certain conditions.
  7. My understanding from my dealership was that the stub shaft is a special order part currently and not generally available. Apparently there's a special process they have to go through to order it along with additional documentation that they need to send to GM.
  8. I'm waiting in my dealer to get the parts in. Mine sounds like a wheel bearing that squeals in a repetitive cycle. Only happens when it's hot out (90+) and I've driven a while (30 minutes or more)... Guessing that combo causes something to expand. Thankfully I don't have a long drive to work so I don't have to hear it frequently.
  9. There should be a 4th part as well (the stub shaft, which is supposedly the cause of the issue). I'm not sure what the part # is though.
  10. that above line has me concerned... not sure how a software update fixes an odor or smoke
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