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  1. Tires look great. What size did you get? I could not tell from the pics. LT or P tire size? Glad to here about the ride quality either way.
  2. I have not made a move yet. Sorry to hear about the Wildpeaks, I was really leaning towards those for quite some time. But at this point, the Toyo AT3s have won me over so I am going to get those. Will most likely get them late June early July. Very excited to see how it goes. So ready to get the stock GYs off. Once installed, I will definitely post some pics and my thoughts on them.
  3. Great looking truck and tire. Any feedback on these so far? How's the road noise? I'm down to my final three options for a set of tires - (1) Falken Wildpeak AT3w (2) Cooper Discoverer AT3 4s & (3) Toyo Open Country ATIII. Been having a hard time finding reviews on this particular tire with is still being so new. Any feedback would be great. Also I know for a fact I'm going with a P rate 275/60r20 size. Been trying to determine how much noise translates from a P rated to an LT rated tire like your 285/60r20 for instance.
  4. Trying to decide what size front leveling kit to put on my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 4x2. Only trying to raise the front end up some to make sure I can get a 33" tire on there without rubbing. I would rather proceed with a size level that if anything still leans forward slightly verses one that kicks the front end up higher than the back. I have seen that on the road and do not want to look like I'm driving uphill the whole time. I've seen posts and videos that say a 1.5 inch, 2.0 inch, and 2.5 inch kits got their Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks perfectly level. I'm leaning toward the 2 inch RC or Motofab, but was hoping to get some opinions. Not sure if the 4x2 vs 4x4 makes a difference here with the size. Does the lower strut spacer vs upper strut spaces make a huge difference at all? As mentioned above, I am assuming these options would allow for a 275/60r20 AT tire to clear without any issues, but If I'm mistaken I'm all ears for suggestions. Thanks.
  5. Gotcha. Wasn't sure if that would be the same for a 2014 Sierra 1500 4x2. Had 275/55r20 when I bought it.
  6. So do your 275/60r20s rub currently without any modifications? That is the size I am trying to put on mine. I do not want to lift or level currently. I am under the impression that is the biggest size I could go without rub.
  7. Tyler, Thanks for the info. On the 4s, will you be running 275/60r20s? Wasn't sure if you had a 20' rim or not, but that is what I am looking at currently. Just a size up from the 275/55r20 Goodyear Eagle LS2s that came on the truck when I purchased it.
  8. I really hope that works out for me as well. I'm afraid if I put a leveling kit on my truck it will void my CNA National powertrain warranty.
  9. Do the 275/60-20's rub at all? That is the size I was looking at for the AT3 4s. I do not have a leveling kit or lift currently. Trying to determine if those will rub?
  10. Looking to purchase some new tires here soon for the Sierra 1500 I recently purchased. I have read some good things on the new line of Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires. Any opinions on which tire would work best for my truck? I will be doing more highway than off road, but still want an AT tire. II'm leaning towards the AT3 4s at the moment... Thanks
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