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  1. Gotcha. Wasn't sure if that would be the same for a 2014 Sierra 1500 4x2. Had 275/55r20 when I bought it.
  2. So do your 275/60r20s rub currently without any modifications? That is the size I am trying to put on mine. I do not want to lift or level currently. I am under the impression that is the biggest size I could go without rub.
  3. Tyler, Thanks for the info. On the 4s, will you be running 275/60r20s? Wasn't sure if you had a 20' rim or not, but that is what I am looking at currently. Just a size up from the 275/55r20 Goodyear Eagle LS2s that came on the truck when I purchased it.
  4. I really hope that works out for me as well. I'm afraid if I put a leveling kit on my truck it will void my CNA National powertrain warranty.
  5. Do the 275/60-20's rub at all? That is the size I was looking at for the AT3 4s. I do not have a leveling kit or lift currently. Trying to determine if those will rub?
  6. Looking to purchase some new tires here soon for the Sierra 1500 I recently purchased. I have read some good things on the new line of Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires. Any opinions on which tire would work best for my truck? I will be doing more highway than off road, but still want an AT tire. II'm leaning towards the AT3 4s at the moment... Thanks
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