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  1. Truck: 2015 Sierra SLT with 5.3L engine with 63000 miles. Factory Suspension, I did level the front with the Rough Country Kit. So here is what I need help with....I'm going to be buying a travel trailer for my family. Looking at Models that are around 28-30ft and 4500-5500lbs unloaded (so no more than 7000-7500 total weight). I'm for sure going to upgrade my tires. I have Falken Wildpeak AT3's, 275/60/20. LOVE THEM....but they are due to be replaced anyways, so I'm going to go to an LT tire for more durability and security while towing. I'm going with either the Falkens again ($450each) or possibly General Grabber A/TX ($335 each) due to the fact tire prices are insane right now. I'll be going LT275/65/20. I'm considering upgrading the suspension when I do the tires. Reason: The truck is now 7 years old and two it does have 63000 miles and most factory anything sucks. I do use my truck to commute to work daily....60% highway and 40% city. I don't want to go air bags....long story short....Not my thing. I wouldn't mind the truck being 2.5-3 inches higher in the front vs the current 2inches, and I want to keep the rear LEVEL with the front when towing and not towing. (If I have to have the rear .5inch higher than front to achieve...that's fine.) I'll be using a weight distribution hitch to help even out weight distribution and leveling truck and trailer, but also for safety while towing. It will be one very similar to this model. https://www.curtmfg.com/media/catalog/product/cache/79cd071aedf382ca8f4b5c9ae93ddae8/1/7/17500_1024x768_a.jpg So....with a balance of improved daily driving and the addition of lots of summer towing trips....do you specifically have any recommendations for upgraded suspension that would be the best of both worlds vs my GM factory stocks? I'm sure there are people in here that have been in this exact situation....so I really appreciate input from people who have been here and done this. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes. 34 inch vs 33 inch tire....just want to confirm this will work. Don't mind a few carpet fender well cuts. That's minor.
  3. 2015, 2inch front only Rough country Level. Running Wildpeak at3s and love them. I think my 275/60/20s still look a bit too skinny.....so 275/65r20 seems like a logical step. I remember reading this fits my built with maybe a touch of rub only in reverse at full turn. I think the 34 inch tire will look so much better!! Thanks for your input. Open to suggestions for other sizes that would fit without changing suspension.
  4. What light kit did you use...that is what I want to do.
  5. Interesting I have heard both sides. If I have issues I'll swap. If this gets me better than the crappy pictures I posted above....better more consistent beam, whiter colors. I'll be happy.
  6. Ordered the morimoto 35w with canbus and anti flicker. 4300k. Plug and play no battery connector needed. Hope this works!!
  7. Oem projectors and bulbs were perfectly seated. These are going back. If the morimoto kit is that bad too then I know it's 100% the factory projector. But I know many of you managed to get great performance out of oem housing with a good hid kit.
  8. I'll post a picture tonight, but I am sending these back. Maybe xenonpro was the issue. Kit was only $100. Spending the money to pay up for Morimoto 35w with 4300k bulbs. As many of you have had good luck with stock projector and these bulbs.
  9. Just so annoyed. Tried Head Light Revolution. Two sets of ballast and bulbs would not work. Trying Xenon Pro and the focus is freaking horrible. I know that is a day time photo, but there are like dark circles...where there should be bright light. At a loss right now. Can't afford 1300 new morimoto headlights. I will say the fog light upgrade for $200 was a no brainer. They help alot. Anyone actually find a hid set that is built for our crappy 2015 projectors??
  10. I agree...275 is plenty wide. What tire did you go with 275/65/20 isn't as readily avalible as 275/60/20. No rubbing anywhere with the 2 inch level? Just the level on the front?
  11. I'll admit, this is my first full size truck and I'm loving it. What I don't love are the HORRIBLE Wrangler SR-A tires it came with. Size 275/55/20. I believe our stock 20inch rims are 9inches, correct? To me, outside of the horrible wet and snow traction, this tire just looks wimpy on big truck. I'd like to move up to at least 275/60R20, which I feel would look a bit more substantial. Was strongly leaning towards the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Cost for this size is very reasonable at around $170 per tire. I've done some reading and it seems our trucks can fit this size stock, and NOT need any leveling. From your experiences, is that true? If you made that exact switch, how happy are you and what tires did you go with? If I add a 2 inch front level only....could I fit, 285/55/r20....or even 305/55r20? The con is price jumps up nearly $100 more per tire for both of these options, though having a monster 305 width would be sweet. Thanks in advance!
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