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  1. electrical gnome are the worse - switch is the gate to the power - start there - it opens and closes circuit - something is making contact - to close the ckt - vibration of body - short for sure. at least that is my $0.02 worth and the first place i would look
  2. ok - so actuator moves in and out - so now I am good to front diff - argh!!
  3. sweet - I can not believe I did not think to do that first - thank y'all for support and information
  4. thanks all for the assistance - placed truck in 4wd hi and lo and drift shaft engaged - in 2wd the driveshaft spins freely - replaced actuator but did not take the step to confirm 12V at plug - - but tried to climb a rock - still not spinning - so actuator not engaging ? next step..is check 12v at actuator and then - what? thanks in advance
  5. ok thanks - I have not checked lights on switch panel - thank you
  6. thank you for the steps - I will check it out this week - or weekend - time permitting
  7. 2003 duramax - front tires not spinning in 4hi or 4lo - I can hear shifting from dash button, i can see cable shifting but wheels will not turn - I did get all 4 tires off ground to see if wheels spin - (caveat never done this before - but nothing turned when engage in Drive - 2wd or 4 wd - maybe something to do with resistance not being there?) but testing 4wd hi lo nothing happens - please help me further diagnose - perhaps cable is snapped and not actually engaging? in transfer case...? how would i test this? and should tires spin if on jack stands or lifted and all 4 tires free to rotate? thank you in advance
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