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  1. Im in Airdrie alberta, and same here got sh"" tons of the white SH"" . had no issue in my 17 crew, shutting of stb and trac. as long as you turn it to 4wd not the awd , and then hitting the buttons to turn them off. But they will only turn off if its in 4wd hi or lo.
  2. normally get 18.734mpg in a 2017 silverado crewcab e assist 4x4 empty. towing a 4800lb rv i usually get 8.7 mpg.... OUT WITH THE OLD.... about to pick up a 21 rst crew z71 3.0dirtymax..... should be better towing mileage with that.
  3. I love my 2017 Silverado lt eassist 4x4 . Ive had for 3 years now, and 66000 km. I use mine for offroad, towing, commuting, Great fuel economy, and good performance , towing capability. I have had `0`issue so far and has been maintained by my local dealer or myself. That little extra uummmpppfff when needed under load is great. The start éstop feature equally as useful, but it is kind of annoying when it does start up and you are on the throttle hard, and you get driveline clunks. Gm says this is normal, so thank god i got a 170000km bumper to bumper warranty with it.
  4. Love mine, great highway and city economy, Towing is actually better than my 14 Sierra 6 speed. And with all the extras the models come with the awd, 4hi, and 4lo work awesome. Of and Yes they are available in the entire market. NOT ONLY CALIFORNIA, like the other guys said. The start stop is flawless, The 4cyl,8cyl modes also work great . I live in Alberta beside THE ROCKIES, so our roads are no where near flat. so the hybrid and 4cyl mode keeps your cruise engaged longer before the 8cyl kicks in. The only minor issue i would have liked seing available is the gear ratios being a little stiffe
  5. I love my Eassist, I have a 2017 silverado ccsb4wd Lt Eassist, awesome economy, towing power. A head turner, even in the cold it works awesome. I would definitely buy another one, if GM ever fixs the look on the new trucks [hate the fenders and wheel wells}]
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