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  1. Funny I came across this topic because I’m about to take my factory running board brackets and cut them down and drill holes to bring the boards up a little over an inch and bring them in a little. For me it’s mainly for looks. I hate how they hang so low. I took them off and put some 1” spacers under them just to see and it looks good with them tucked up to the body. There was still plenty sticking out to be usable, just have to step up an extra inch which is no big deal for me.
  2. I try to turn it off as soon as I get in too, but half the time I forget. I wonder if there’s a way to set it to stay off so it won’t keep resetting every time I shut the truck off.
  3. Anyone have an su4 axle with a good bit of miles racked up that does NOT have the jingle? I wonder if all su4 have the problem or is it just hit or miss. I remember reading earlier in this thread that their are su4’s with different part #. Theres one guy in another thread with 8000 miiles on an su4 with no problems.
  4. ill try to take some if theres still enough daylight when i get home.
  5. I have a 19 Sierra slt, (non at4 ) and I drove my 275/65 ridge grapplers home from the tire place on stock suspension, and put ready lift 2” the next day. Believe it or not,I don’t think they rubbed with the stock sus. Now I didn’t get out and turn the wheels and check the clearance and all that stuff because I knew I was gonna put the level on anyway, but I never heard them rub while I was turning. Maybe they would have if hitting a hard bump at full turn,I don’t know.
  6. Do any of you guys with the jingle have a level kit. I wonder if a level would make it worse or better, since there would be a slight angle, maybe making it a tighter fit. I know the trail boss has a level but they also have longer cv shafts. I’m asking about a non tb/at4 with level. I’m also scared that if I ever get the jingle, that the dealer could blame it on the level and not cover it.
  7. Well i just got my build sheet sierra build date 6/19 and it has the su4, so there goes that theory. Cant comment on the noise, just got the truck.
  8. It seems most of the problem axles on here are silverados, i wonder if most of the su4 axles were sent to chevy and the su5 to gmc. Does anyone here with a sierra have this problem or su4?
  9. I like the walnut better also, i think the black is just too plain looking. Im like you, ill never use half the stuff on the denali, or the slt for that matter. Thanks again for taking the time for the pics, just what i was looking for.
  10. That’s exactly what I needed to know. 275/65 look just fine. I’m even getting a white slt just like yours. Thanks for the pics.
  11. Hey RRMI, This is the same setup i was thinking of going with. My only concern is weather or not 275/65r20 ko2 would look too skinny on the 2019. Is there any way you could take some pics of your truck from the front and rear? I Like the stance in your pics but its hard to see the tires with the shadows. I know its a lot to ask but i sure would appreciate it.
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