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  1. I was just on there and they have this truck with the ionic gladiators also, which look good too, now I can’t decide. They both have the tight low profile look.
  2. Thanks guys, I’ll check them out. I have an slt which came with the chrome wheel to wheel running boards which look too long and out of place. Kinda like someone putting crew cab boards on an extended cab truck. I think ford has the best looking factory boards. Maybe someday they will figure out how to mold steps into the frame/ body, for a flush clean look.
  3. Name of those running boards? I like how they low profile and don’t stick out much.
  4. I made a post a while back about how i get a clunk and small jerk when going from park to reverse. Doesnt do it in drive, only reverse. Doent matter if its cold or hot. Other than that, everything is fine, it shifts smooth while driving. I just crawled under and with the truck off and in park, i can twist the driveshaft about 1/2 or more each way. How much slack is this thing supposed to have, is this normal? I live 2 hrs away from my dealer and i dont want to make the long drive only to have them tell me its normal and within tolerance. 5.3 4x4 8 speed with only 700 mi.
  5. Good to hear your suspension is still holding up after 30k with those heavy tires. I put heavy tires And a level on my x31 (non at4) and I drive a lot of poorly maintained gravel roads with washboards and potholes. Have under 1k miles so far and hope it holds up in the long run.
  6. Ready lift says 65lbs for the upper ball joint. That’s all I had to take off to do mine from their instructions. If I had to do it over, I would have went ahead and took everything else loose to make it easier. It was a nightmare trying to pry on and line up the level bolts.
  7. Yes, look at my pic. They look like they go all the way back, but it’s really just the corner edges. It’s kinda trimmed like a u shape. But either way looks like your dealer did it the lazy way and just hacked it. I’m sure they will still serve their purpose, but it just looks better the other way.
  8. Yes they had to be cut, but it looks like they cut more then they needed to on yours. i trimmed mine, but they go a lot farther under the box, all the way to the back.
  9. I hope it will, and other than the reverse engage, i have no complaints while driving, it shifts and downshifts so smooth, i cant even feel it most of the time.
  10. That good to hear that yours went away after a few miles. Mine was built on 6/19, so it should have the updated fluid. I’m also careful and won’t put it in reverse until the rpms come down all the way after start up, but it still does it. I crawled under and the drive shaft seems tight. Mine only has 500 mi, and I haven’t used 4x4 yet, so I’m gonna go put it in 4x4 and run it forward and reverse a couple times to see if maybe that will do anything. It might be something in the transfer case, who knows. Maybe it will free up.
  11. Mine feels like older trucks do when they have bad u joints and slack. Like I said, it’s only when going to reverse from park. Going to drive is so smooth,I can’t even feel it engage. My dealer is 100 mi away and I don’t want to drive that far just To have them tell me it’s normal. Maybe after more miles it’ll get a little more broken in and loosen up.
  12. You must not be talking about the liners. From what I understand, you can get gm mats or liners. You must have the mats, because the liners cover everything. Mine even slides under the under seat storage.
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