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  1. Hi All, I bought my tahoe last summer for 1200 bucks. So far she has been pretty good. It had some rear suspension rust, but some new U bolts and plates fixed that. after putting 5k miles on it ive decided to throw some cash at it and fix her up. I have a few questions before i start ordering parts. I realize there is a lot going on here. Not all of it really needs to be fixed right away (steering and AC for example) but i figure i should do it all at once. AC: I know the compressor is leaking freon. It holds a charge for about a week. While its charged, the front AC works but the rear doesnt. (it has rear controls.) Besides ordering a new compressor and dryer, is there anything else i should get to make sure the rear works? (the rear expansion valve) Steering: I know Tahoes and trucks from this era in general have a lot of steering play, but i have about 40 degrees of play in the wheel before it starts turning. We fiddled with the steering gear adjustment, and its better, but adjusting enough to really tighten it up made the car really hard to drive straight. The plan is to replace the box with a reman. Any reason i shouldnt? Crunching noise: Its making a noise something like stepping on dry leaves. Ive isolated the sound to where the transfer case meets the drive shaft (roughly) I hear it a bit more when turning, but not when the car is in 4wd. I also dont believe it happens in reverse. My initial thought is that it is the U joint. but i suppose it could be the transfer case. Clunk/Shift: Somthing shifts and clunks in the drivetrain every so often. it seems like it comes from under my feet or further back. No idea what it is. Anything i should check for? Oil pressure: It has some abysmal oil pressure in the summer. Like 7PSI at idle. I plan to pull the engine out of the truck and go through it, check out the condition of everything. While its out i plan to install a high flow or high pressure pump. I assume the pump is worn out, combined with increased tolerances in the engine. Any feedback here? anything Ive missed? If the engine turns out to be ok, ill probably stuff the GMPP cam in it for some extra torque. I figure while the engine is out, might as well go for it.
  2. Thanks! I noticed that the truck seems to have more power when its cold outside by a noticeable ammount.
  3. Hi All, I will preface this by saying I am fairly used to fast cars. My next slowest car to the tahoe is a 2004 regal GS with an intercooler e85 and high ratio rockers. Then I have 2019 mustang and so on. Most cars feel slow to me. When driving the tahoe ive noticed it has a really good response from a stop. The first bit of throttle makes the truck jump. What ive noticed after that is once the throttle hits say 40% there is nothing else. I can push the throttle feel the power increase and then it is just flat. It doesnt seem to gain power as the RPM increases either Is this normal? It seems like peek power is around 2-3k rpm and it just flatens after that. It also is really really slow. Im afraid to pull out in traffic with it even when there is a good ammount of time. There are 3 things i am aware of. 1. There was water in the gas. Ive run through 2 tanks with ISO heet and some of the hesitation i had is now gone. Im not 100% positive all the water is out though as ive never gone below 10 gallons in the tank. (my gauge is wonky) 2. The Cam offset is at -4 degrees. I plan to fix this shortly. 3. The catalytic converter is throwing a code for bank one. My guess is that its just gotten old, but it re-codes within a few miles after being cleared. The current plan is to re-time the distributor, gut the cats (for now) and try and run the tank empty or drain it. Is there anything else i should look at while i have the truck down for work? It also idles kind of rough.
  4. Mine has the wierd center port setup. Not the standard TBI. I can access the screw. I just want to make sure that pushing it up using the screw wont damage anything.
  5. Hi all, My idle when in gear is about 550 as seen by torque through the obd reader. On some of the hotter days i have seen the check gauge light come on for low oil pressure. If i put the truck in neutral and let the RPM climb back to 600-650 the light goes off and the pressure stabilizes a bit higher. I plan to rebuild an engine for the truck in the spring, but for now id like to bump up the idle to keep pressure at a better level. Can i use the set screw on the throttle bracket to do this? My goal is about 650-700 in gear. I also have HP Tuners and can license the truck and set the idle that way. Id rather not spend the money to license the truck but will if i need to.
  6. The truck has 252k miles on it. The engine is very quiet when warm. Almost surprisingly so. At least since the engine flush and Ceratec. I do know the cerpaintine belt needs to be replaced i can hear it chirping, but that is a different noise. I plan to replace that belt tomorrow.
  7. It had a full ish tank. I put two bottles of ISO heat in it after about 80 miles. Is that what you mean by dry gas? If not, what should i be adding. Right now ive got 220 miles on the current tank of gas. All my gauges are wonky, but i got some stepper motors and hope to replace them tonight or tomorrow.
  8. I don't believe it was sitting. it was being daily driven until about 2 weeks before i bought it, and the guy who was selling it drove it around a bit during those two weeks. I have torque and HPT I can probably scan to o2 voltage with either of those. I also know that it has -4* of cam retard, and it saw 4* of KR when i gave it wot from first. Ive been getting a code for Catalytic converter efficiency on bank one. Maybe i have a clogged Cat? I noticed that hitting the gas off the line it moves pretty well for a second then as the revs climb it pulls back the power it starts this around 2k.
  9. Hi Folks, Ive had my 1200 dollar 1999 Tahoe for a few days and i have some questions about it. I figured I would just create a thread for all of them instead of spamming the forum. 1. when the truck gets warm there is a hesitation at part throttle. It gets worse on a steep hill. We found water in the gas when I changed the fuel filter. My initial reaction is that the water is to blame, but why is it only when the truck gets warm? Could this be indicative of it going Closed loop, and a bad o2? 2. There is an odd noise at idle. the best way to describe it is that it sounds like the squeal a blower fan makes at low speed when it is on its last leg. Its coming from the engine bay. Its not loud. any ideas what i should check? 3. What is unacceptably low oil pressure at idle? if i can trust the gauge (not sure i can since half of them are incorrect) I get 5-10 PSI at idle, and around 20-30 at cruising speed. (when warm) Should i be concerned and looking to replace the oil pump, or should i just leave it? I added some Ceratec to help keep things protected. 4. I cant seem to get confirmation one way or the other. Does the engine need to be removed to replace the oil pump?
  10. The truck has some hesitation. I want to check the timing to make sure it isnt out of whack. I checked with HPT and was able to find cam offset. Is that the data point I want? it was reading like -3.4, then -4.1
  11. Hi All, After some research i found out that you cannot time the vortec v8 with a timing light that you have to rely on the cam position data from a scanner. We tried our standard OBD scanner and had no luck. I Have HPtuners already for another one of my cars. can i configure the VCM scanner to pull the necessary data? I have a 1999 tahoe vortec which i know is compatible.
  12. Thanks for the Info! I do indeed have the 105. I ordered a belt. Given that the truck has 250k and lower oil pressure at idle (10PSI) I went ahead and ordered the Husky U bolts from Rock auto. Took me a while to figure out they fit. Same model being sold at Oreilly. The Delcos would have run me 80+ I think i paid 30 shipped for these. For the timing chain, i will probably do the Cloyes double roller.
  13. Hi all, I think this is the right forum, apologies if not. I recently picked up a 1999 Tahoe for 1200 bucks. Its runs and drives and is in relatively good shape. There are a few parts i need to buy for it, and there seem to be two options. I am hoping someone can help me identify the correct parts. It is a 4wd with the vortec 5.7 1. Serpentine belt. There are listings for a 105 and 140 amp alternator. At 250k miles the sticker is worn off the alternator. Id prefer to order the belt online to save some cash rather than taking it in to match it up. is there an easy way to tell? 2. Timing chain. There seem to be varying sizes. .4/.41 vs .275 inch, and 11 3/8 long vs 11.5 long. The delco chain even specifies the transmission. 3. The rear u bolts that hold the axle to the leaf springs are in bad shape. I have only been able to find the AC delco Bolts but they are 30 dollars a piece. Are there some other replacement bolts that I can use? I might be using the wrong phrase to find them. Does anyone know if they come in a set (enough to do one side of the axle)?
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