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  1. Here is a sample of the leaks that I've been having on this truck. So right now it looks like they might have fixed the rear engine leak. That's it as far as I can see. I will update again when the weather clears up and I can get back under the truck.
  2. Yes I'm leaning towards a LEMON. Based on the number of times the dealer had tried to fix the numerous oil leaks let alone the mystery coolant loss. Yet again yesterday I went to the dealer when then refilled the coolant. Drove it home 6 miles and parked it in the driveway. Wife left to go to the airport several hours later and the low coolant light is on AGAIN!!!!! WTF. This is crazy. The dealer says the mechanic is too big to get his hands in certain places, well that's not my problem. Oh BTW they put pliers on the coolant cap because they didn't know it is reverse threads so they had to replace the cap. I will try and upload some pictures later.
  3. Hello Gang, This could be the start of a long story. It is a work in progress. Let's start at the beginning. Drove from Illinois to Arkansas to buy a 2019 GMC Sierra Denali HD Dually in Red. Before even leaving the dealership they had to replace one of the drivers seat vibration sensors due to a dash warning light that came on after the test drive but before we were able to drive it off the lot so it happened in the service bay getting washed. NOT happy delayed our return visit by 45 minutes. Drove home just over 700 miles no issues at all just awesome ride all the way home. A few weeks after we got her home wife notices some spots on the driveway under her new truck. So being the nice guy that I am I have my ASE Master Tech son crawl underneath to inspect it. He says it's got multiple oil leaks, front of engine, rear of engine, and the rear cluster light under the tailgate is full of moisture. Scheduled an appointment and away we go. Got to the dealer and they had to order the rear cluster light no big deal. On with the oil leaks. The dealer claimed that the front seal was bad and needed to be replaced. they replaced the front seal got the truck back looked underneath and found the same oil leaks! Not only did I still have oil leaks but it was missing a bolt from the skid plate. Back to the dealer again. This time around they found the rear seal was bad. So GM told them to replace the oil pan. Great got the truck back and the next day had a low coolant light on. Back to the dealer again Filled up the overflow tank and away we went. Next day low coolant light back on so back to the dealer again. Refilled the overflow tank and we go home again. Took the truck camping for one week come back home crawl underneath to inspect it and start counting the oil leaks again. So let's go back to the dealer yet again. This time around they tell me the timing chain cover is leaking so they replaced it only too 10 days. Oh yeah they stripped out the bolt on the skid plate last time around. Picked the truck up the next day low coolant light on. Back to the dealer who swears that the mechanic filled it 3 times and it's full. So they fill it again and we go home next day the low coolant light is on again so back we go. No visible leaks and no odor whatsoever of coolant. So they fill it up again. Oh forgot to mention this time they cracked the gravel shield underneath so waiting on GM strike to be over to get that replaced. In the meantime the rear cluster light is full of moisture again and the dealer replaced it. We love this truck but these oil leaks and low coolant lights are driving my wife crazy. She doesn't want to drive a loaner car she wants her truck. We checked the oil and it's fine no coolant that we can see. In the means time I'm waiting about a week before I crawl underneath and take more pictures of th4e oil leaks that they can't seem to find let alone fix. They have fixed some of the leaks so I guess that's progress. Sure hope this isn't indicative of future problems. I will post a follow up if and when the dealer can or can't fix the leaks.I will post some pictures when I get some time if I haven't already delted them from my phone.
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