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  1. THANKS! - I'll check it out. I thought it was strange when I couldn't locate the cameras on the Chevy Accessories website.
  2. I was finally going to pull the trigger on this accessory camera, and it looks like its been discontinued: "Trailer Auxiliary Camera (Models W/Trailer) Currently On Restriction From GM No Release Date - GM (84876818)" anybody got the scoop on what's going on?
  3. I called the dealer about the hard shift from highway speed to a stop, and the service rep told me this was completely normal for this transmission. He said there was nothing they could do, and it will probably go away after a few thousand miles. Not sure if I believe him, but maybe I'll give this truck another couple of months before I start looking at other dealers.
  4. My shifting was really hard, but is getting progressively better. The first time I stopped an empty trailer it sounded and felt like it had disconnected and hit the back of the truck. I could never get it to repeat the problem after that. I'm at 1500 miles now, I can only notice the downshift about 1/10 times now when I come to a stop.
  5. Picked this up in August, got a complete PPF wrap and new wheels: Much bigger than my first pick-up:
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