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  1. Have you checked the battery underneath the jump seat yet.
  2. I have been looking for some winter rims . I found these Nissan titan 20 in 6 lug rims they are the same bolt pattern a Chevrolet silverado trucks. Do you guys think they will. Fit my 2018 silverado?
  3. .was under my 2018 truck today and noticed the spare is different size the truck came with the 20 in chrome wheels and the spare is 17 in.I called the dealer and asked if this was a mistake and they said no . I would have to buy a 20 in rim. I think this is BS. I think i will put the spare on the rear and let the limited slip eat the differential up as its under warranty. Anyone have the same problem?
  4. just wanted to see what other owners are doing as to modifications of these trucks. Most of the mods i want to do the people say they cant or wont work on an eassist truck. Also just started an eassist club take a look.
  5. was in spokane wa. yesterday and saw a silverado with really nice white rims. they weren't power coated but painted had some foreign words on them. Anyone seen these before? they were 20 inch rims.
  6. what do you guys use to de-badge your trucks
  7. has anyone upgraded a regular radio to a Bose system
  8. well i took my new 2018 1500 silverado in as there were grinding noise and it shifting from hi range to low rang by itself at any speed.well after 1 month it was finally repaired . the dealer said or did nothing other than hand me the keys and said good luck. my truck had less than 5000 miles on it. they said it took so long as the strike was on. is this typical gm service.this was the 25 truck we have purchased from them. what do you think guys.
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