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  1. I had the same issue. Classic (or original) iPods have a small hard drive while newer models have a solid state drive. Only the solid state drive is readable to for browsing, etc. Both will play, but you have to manually change your selection with a hard drive model.
  2. I had the four TPMS sensors installed today on my travel trailer. Super easy to learn the sensors with the learning tool. I like being able to monitor tire pressure and temperature. Great GMC feature!
  3. Beautiful truck! Congratulations!!
  4. How do you keep your bikes from swaying from side to side? I like the idea and would like to use it for the same reason, hauling a travel trailer.
  5. I have the BAKFlip G2 on my 2019 Sierra and have been very happy with it.
  6. Is a TPMS learning tool necessary to set up the TPMS on a trailer?
  7. I purchased an OnStar traffic plan only for my 2019 Sierra SLT, $100 for year if you pay all upfront. Otherwise $10 er month. I have no other OnStar services.
  8. Does the rear floor liner need to be modified for GMC Sierra's with the under seat storage? From the product pictures it looks like they may be designed for models without the under seat storage. Thank you.
  9. I want to have the 4 included TPMS systems installed on my travel trailer. Where are people going to have these intalled? I thought about a local tire shop, but their lots are pretty tight for towing a 21"+ trailer. Thanks
  10. Yes, all 4 were performed. This was my first experience with Ray Skillman GMC service and I was very pleased with the whole process. Service Advisor was great to work with. He had a loaner car for me and ensured my truck was ready when I needed it back, actually an hour earlier.
  11. I dropped off my '19 Sierra with 3007 miles at the dealership to fizx the brake pad life indicator (currently at 62% on mostly highway miles), seatbelt fire hazard recall, and learned of a loose alternator cable recall as they were writing up the service ticket. Being honest, I am disappointed that there are 3 recalls on a $60,000 vehicle in the first two months of ownership.
  12. I installed the Bakflip G2 on my '19 Sierra 1500 and am very pleased with my choice. The fit is great, no leaking, and I especially like having the flush fit.
  13. Following....same issue with my '19 Sierra. Drives me crazy!
  14. Turns out is an issue with my 5th generation iPod as my 6th generation iPod functions perfect. I would delete this thread but I do not see a way to do so.
  15. Good day. I purchased a 2019 Sierra 1500 SLT this past Saturday. This is my first post. I have my iPod Classic connected via ths USB in the center console. When I first plug it in I can go through the dash menu and select what music I want to play. However, if I try to change artist / album / song / etc., it goes back and begins playing the current album from track 1. Has anyone else experienced this issue and what did you do to solve it? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Lee
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