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  1. I didn’t notice any change to mine, had it installed for 3 months now. Love the sound. Before I went in for the update to flash for the MAF, the truck was shifting very hard, and even after a week it didn’t settle down. Flash smoothed out the shifts and CAI was much more noticeable at lighter acceleration
  2. do not level a Tb!! To much stress on the ball joints. You need new control arms if you level a TB. You’ll need a kit like this https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-at4-trail-bossgm-1500-truck-2019.html
  3. I mean, if you’ve never run a true 33”, then you just won’t know. Literally doubling the weight of each tire and rim compared to stock. Just coming from my 15 silverado, this 19 gets much better mpg that’s all
  4. 5.3l Trailboss. 17.4 lifetime average with 305/55/20 nitto ridge grapplers, which I think is fantastic for 33” tires. I had the OEM Tires on for a week when I first bought the truck, and was getting 21-23 mpg average. It’s been stated somewhere thymat the TB is more fuel efficient than its counterpart, AT4
  5. If you like roll ups, the bak revolver is really nice as well
  6. Just installed the gator fx4, very similar to backflip. Same company
  7. Finished installing my Gator Fx3 today. My one Black Friday purchase
  8. I got you! Document ID on top is what you need for them to find it.
  9. Yea, except when they entered the code nothing happened lol. I tried to explain to them what to do, and showed them the labor code but they literally thought I was lying, because there system didn’t show anything. Some people have had no issues and there dealerships know exactly what to do, or you have a dealership like mine that said the would call and double check to make sure I wasn’t getting charged for something I shouldn’t and then still charge me ha
  10. Yes, gm performance stopped including instructions On all there products, because I think they feel that will cause more people to have it installed at the dealership instead of doing it yourself.
  11. Yes, I was charged and new something wasn’t right. Went to the parts desk, had them print up the installation instructions. And right there, on page 2 it stated the recalibration was included in the price of the kit. They spent a good 20mins trying to figure out how to charge it in their system though as gm is not making it easy for these guys at the delearship
  12. Well, found out the CAI tune from gm when you purchase the gm performance CAI, allows you to go well past 100mph..... was still pulling pretty good when I let off. 5.3L
  13. Installed a Dash cam. Always nice to have a little extra security for ones self. It’s a Vava 2k model
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