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  1. There’s no difference, atleast not worth mentioning. I owned two Silverado 15, and 19. Both with low pro tonneau covers. Never saw a difference. Biggest mpg difference ffence will come from different rims and tires
  2. That would be a first That I’ve heard of a dealership doing it that way. Can’t hurt either way, the actual fix doesn’t work anyway when done from the outside. Unless you get a new window it seems like
  3. You’ll be fine, I couldn’t even get a credit card in the gap when I had mine one. 20k miles and no issues
  4. They don’t clean them because you have to rinse them in warm water and let them air dry. That’s just to much time for them. They’ll just try to sell you a new one most of the time. But you only need to clean it every 10k miles. Rinse in warm water, massage the filter and just let it air dry for 2-3 hours and put back on.
  5. 10-12% is the best dealer discount youll prolly get on an AT4, easier to work more on a lower trim. With the 0% financing you won’t get the rebates so youll never get to 25% total off msrp. And to get that much, typically you have to qualify for everything., Which is hard to do. If theyre giving you 9k off msrp.You need to go back and take that offer for 0%
  6. Could be the covers for the seatbelts up in the C-pillars. Mine were loose as well as the driver and passengers ones
  7. The duratracs are a pretty mushy tire to begin with, I bet you that’s the issue. They drive like a winter tire in the summer, just don’t wear like one
  8. Only ford front end I like is the one with the black mesh grill as an option, that Looks sharp. Other than that, I hate the rest lol
  9. Just be careful on the the rim choice. As it’s very difficult to clear the calipers with out atleast a 1/2 inch Hub centric spacer . Which is totally ok to run on a daily setup. Very limited rim choices for these trucks without needing a spacer, my Rims, again barely clear without one. When you start getting into the 1.5+ inch spacers then it’s more of a concern
  10. As long as you’re not running crazy big tires, wheel spacers are fine. You’ll just have 2 sets of bolts per tire, 1 for spacer if you go big enough and one for the wheel. Personally I would do it the most sound way and that would be with negative offset. Here’s a picture of my TB with 33x12.5 -12offset. No spacers, barely clear caliper. Were you planning on running a larger spacer or a smaller one.Here a link of mine on customoffsets https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/716623/2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-fuel-hostage-d531-stock-stock
  11. I would say it’s not anything like GMs problem. The 2019 rams did have an issue with leaking rear windows, and drain plugs not installed correctly for the panoramic sunroofs. But just from scouring all the ram forums the past couple weeks, the amount of complaints is nothing compared to this forum. They came out with a new window, which all the 2020s have and apparently it’s fixed the issue completely and honestly I haven’t seen one complaint for the 20’s
  12. If you push up the headliner , I bet you can see some type of a crack in the corners. More than likely your in for a new window the next time you go in
  13. Here’s what you want https://lljcustoms.com/store/ols/categories/gm-vehicles
  14. Haven’t heard of anyone mentioning sounds like that behind the rear passenger seat. The ones I do know, are relays that make a clicking sound that comes from the Front passenger side of the vehicle when you shut the vehicle off. The whining noise sounds to me it’s most likely the automatic parking break that engages when the vehicle notices it’s on a slight incline. Or could be the fuel pump
  15. The hood is debatable in a car wash too. Although I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet but it happened to me. Mine got dented in a car wash from the blowers. Dead center along the crease closer to the window. Although the gmc has a different hood, mine was a TB Silverado
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