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  1. didn't look on the pads themselves but if the code on the box is any indicator then it would be GG which is probably correct because I have used the next higher up before which is there carbon fiber pads but those make a lot of dust and squeak like hell.
  2. bought the powerstop police rotors from rockauto, and the pads are duralast elite from autozone. the rotors are not marketed for anything but the police tahoe, but of course they fit all gmt900/k2xx & gmt800 if you have upgraded to the gmt900 calipers the pads are the new copper free ones that are being made because of the "environment" supposedly last 3x longer-time will tell set of rotors are $111.79 (practically half price from anywhere else) https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/power+stop,AR82132XPR,rotor,1896 pads are $61.49 with a lifetime warranty (warranty may vary on your state, in CA. they are lifetime) https://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-pads/duralast-elite-copper-free-ceramic-brake-pads-de1363/645370_0_0
  3. new brakes, powerstop police rotors & duralast elite pads, $175 i'm happy with it
  4. when you have a minute could you measure the distance from the top shock bolt to the bottom shock bolt with it sitting level on the ground, I want to see if those extenders will work for me or if I need to find longer ones, just at your leisure, thank you
  5. no I haven't, I guess I could try driving with the air at different settings and see if it makes any difference, this whole truck vibrates I guess I need to turn the stereo down also the dam 6X9 in the doors vibrate the doors also so I get vibration from everywhere lol, seems like sometimes I only feel it at about 90mph, I will try it tomorrow with the air at different levels since it does move it a few inches
  6. is that smaller bolt on the tongue some kind of adjuster for it?
  7. that's one thing I was considering, maybe some bilstein 4600's? think a extender would allow for a full size shock? or maybe some adjustable ones?
  8. inez 4/6 kit, the front has there control arms and stock strut/shock, rear has the driveline moved above the leaf springs on blocks, there shorter shock's and wireless airlift bags, with 5 psi it sits at 32" at all 4 corners, bump stop delete, no notch. I usually run it with 10 psi just so it doesn't bottom out as much. when I bought it the previous owner had installed it or had it installed I had to fix a couple things the parking brake cable is a little issue it runs right where the airbags are and was rubbing on the bags so I adjusted it as much as I could and zip tied it, bottomed it out one day on a speed bump and smashed a abs sensor cable replaced that and got those out of way, just little stuff. drives good but I wouldn't mind the rear riding a little better without having to air it up
  9. ya I think so it's a big fatty I was under it the other day looking to see if it was the oem one or not, my truck is lowered 4/6 and I get some vibrations but hard to tell what the cause is I don't know if it is the tires, wheels, driveline, or something else.
  10. ok, mine is the same but 4wd, my driveline is a big fat sucker no center bearing
  11. Weird my driveline is completely different, what cab/box is your truck?
  12. eh I have had that happen before on a previous truck, intermittent problems are a ****** for sure but mine turned out to be a bad starter, replaced the starter and never happened again.
  13. The amp is behind the back seat mounted to the rear of the cab, I have accumulated just about everything needed to do a full swap, I just need a amp wiring kit and I can swap all the speakers, i put kappa's in the rear doors and I have a component set for the front doors and I bought the sundowns for the dash, I have a jl audio 6channel amp for the regular speakers and a memphis single ch for the base speakers, i have 2 10" jl audios and the cabinet to put under the rear seat and the amp adapter harness, Oh i also need a amp mounting bracket and I am waiting on kenwood to release there 10" headunits which should be anytime now. i have the maestro rr kit and all the adapters needed to swap the headunit so I'm almost there..... I have been piecing it together since xmas since I'm not rich
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