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  1. you should be able to get it on there even with shutters, all you have to do is pull the center grill off and figure it out, if I can cram a tru cool in there a light bar should be a breeze.
  2. has anyone swapped a (enhanced cooling) NHT radiator into a non NHT truck? a little research tells me the core size is the same but the tank is larger on one side so just wondering if it is still a direct fit or not or if i have to get a different trim piece or something, fans do not appear to be any different nht or not
  3. spent 1/2 the day yesterday running rca cables and a amp turn on wire and changed out some speakers in my sub box, went to hook up the axxess dsp I bought and all the POS does is make static spent a while troubleshooting it but it's just fubar. so this morning I bought a PAC AP4-GM61 it works great, doesn't quite have all the features the axxess unit would have had but it sure cleaned up the sound and bypasses the bose amp, you can tune it with a laptop via usb but I didn't have to change much the sound was pretty good right out of the box in fact all I changed was the sub crossover from 100hz to 80hz and turned the startup volume a hair. $400+ module but it works like I wanted so can't complain.
  4. haven't really been doing much with mine but I finally bought a Metra DSP. I have been using a couple JL amps with hi/lo adapters and using the audio signal as the on/off trigger and at low volume it's not enough to trigger the amps on, I am still using the stock head unit mostly because there is not really many choices out there for "kits" but the new stinger seems a little better looking but still holding off on changing the head unit the "floaters" just do not do it for me. The metra can be adjusted with a phone app, not many reviews on it out there but it seems to be there "universal solution" and has been out for a while already. I just have to tuck this in behind the radio and run some rca cables to the amps and should be golden.
  5. finally got around to getting the builtright bedside rack system together. comes with absolutely ZERO instructions, not a big deal but assembling some of the quickgrip stuff it would be nice to have a general idea of how it is supposed to be, there website has some install guides but none for chevy I have a bedliner installed so it has complicated things a little bit, the bottom attachment is not ideal it is a U shaped bracket but should be a u-bolt or a j bolt or at least have a L leg so you can turn it and snug it up that way, the way it is it now it just binds up so I bought some longer bolts and sleeves at the hardware and will finish it up in the morning. I may end getting a u-bolt and drilling a couple holes in the rack I could not find one that would fit the existing holes
  6. finally received the builtright bedside rack, I'm 2 days into a rather mean cold that has me wore out, I will try and piece it together in the next couple days
  7. still waiting for this to ship tried calling Friday to get any updates but no answer, I assume they closed early for the Holiday weekend, try again Tuesday I need these soon.
  8. installed onboard air, not the prettiest thing but it works for my purposes
  9. they said when I placed the order they should ship today (Wed), I will update once I get them
  10. ordered a set of bedside mounts, should come in handy here and there for me.
  11. bummer they get really really poor reviews on amazon, flimsy metal, only looks ok from the front unless you paint, install problems....
  12. thanks it looks like the black is either no longer available or out of stock, I did find some matte black carrich's that are pretty much identical, while searching it appears the 2500 & 1500 are the same as long as it is not a dually or high country.?
  13. ya I see the Sierra's have a different flare i like that style, kind of searching for a close match for the Silverado but they all seem to be thicker I just want minimum coverage to protect the metal and not some 4" plastic, maybe if I could get a painted set it wouldn't look so tacky.
  14. are those fender flares oem? or another brand I am looking for some thin ones just like those, just enough to protect the metal and not stick out.
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