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  1. bought a kit to install regular D-ring shackles in place of the inset tow rings, this brings them forward enough to actually use if you need to. I can't get a regular shackle around the oem tow rings not enough room a synthetic one works but just figured why not?
  2. got the hidden winch all buttoned up, it's not perfect but works
  3. what about wind with the windows down? any difference? any noise while driving? my only reason for getting any would be to reduce the wind tornado with the windows down
  4. any difference in the wind coming in with the window down or noise with it up.
  5. Any problems with the windows opening/shutting and do you notice any difference with the wind with the windows open? these trucks are terrible wind wise mine is like a tornado inside with the windows open
  6. got the ss3 installed, I am limited with file space on here so you can see the results here https://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/black-betty-2018-z71-silverado-build.114885/page-55
  7. Ya I tend to aim mine a "smidge" high but not much really depends on the light output pattern I don't purposely try to blind people
  8. got a package, hopefully i can get them on before another week of stormy weather hits again
  9. ya I might not need it, I had a hidden winch install done and I just had to order a different fairlead that will give it a cleaner look, I was thinking all black might look better, not sure yet
  10. does anyone have the 2016-1028 1500 z71 midnight edition? if so I need the last 8 of your vin so I can find the part number for the front valance that is all black I want to get rid of the chrome mustache. thanks
  11. They should arrive Friday if the weather holds up I will have them on that night I have the Hylux 50w ballast and some 35w HID's in the factory projectors now haven't really been satisfied with the oem fog's at all
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