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  1. has anybody upgraded the starter? I see there is a 1.4kw and 1.7kw don't know if there is higher than that maybe a aftermarket, my oem one must be the 1.4 just seems weak compared to previous vehicles.
  2. well maybe there was a way to tetris it out of there but I wasn't trying to break anything off or spill battery acid so I just unbolted the reservoir and moved it to the side, either way it was a pia compared to my previous trucks lol
  3. weird there was no way the battery was coming out without moving the reservoir
  4. got the power fold mirror switch in from Phil all working good, checked to see what the 2020 California registration fee is $600 due in the next 60 days
  5. had to pull the two brackets and the reservoir had to be unbolted and moved just to get the old battery out, plus the wires there is a quick connect one on the passenger side of the battery and one bolted on, once those are off you can push all the wires on the otherside out of the way. The new battery is the same size it just has more cca and is agm
  6. Here in Cali your lucky if a battery last's the typical 3yr warranty period, mine was still good but I never like to chance it. when I did mine i had to reset the tpms and recalibrate the compass, radio preset's. the time came up automatically
  7. installed a new Interstate AGM, cant be simple of course you have pull the reservoir
  8. when I bought this truck it had already been lowered, I fixed some stuff that I found when I first bought it that the careless previous owner or installer overlooked, I thought I was all set, today I hit a speed bump kind of hard and bam abs/service traction/service trailer brake came on, thought I had maybe broke the trailer brake controller, got under it and and found that whoever did the drop ran the passenger side abs harness between the axle and the frame so if it bottoms out it pinches the wire. confirmed with a scan, I was surprised to find out the sensor is pretty cheap like $20 so I don't have to fix the harness I will just grab a new one and route it correctly.
  9. it is tempting, it's a led so it wouldn't take much amperage at all a small converter would do it, it's got me thinking I could add on some 24v led fogs just as well, a lot of 12v aftermarket lights will work with 24v golf carts and stuff so it wouldn't be hard to do, meh someday when i'm bored.
  10. it could probably take more voltage but you would have to get a step up converter https://www.ebay.com/itm/WaterProof-DC-12V-to-16V-3A-48W-STEP-UP-Power-Converter-Regulator/291281787214?hash=item43d1bf594e:g:YjwAAOSw-vlVjmRL
  11. that's sort of why I had to make mine oblong, didn't want the wires pinched, i didn't put the connector on but i think I had the hole centered incorrectly
  12. it's not hard you just have to pull the grill off, take off the original bow tie, drill a oblong shaped hole in the center of the plastic to feed the wire and shaft thru, then connect the wire harness to the drivers side headlight harness, I then drilled a small hole in the back of the grill plastic to ziptie the wire harness in place so it's not dangling, then put the grill back on. tip: *** check the polarity of the harness before you insert the tips of the wire into the supplied harness, if you get it backwards it wont work.
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