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  1. Thanks, after reviewing several I see these wear out quickly I opted to go with the ajt designs fob case https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/online-store/Chevy-GMC-Truck-c42624008
  2. take a screen shot of the moment of impact and have a 10X12 print made and give it to them as a anniversary gift next year lol or hang it up somewhere obvious at home so every time they come over it's front and center lol that's how my family roll's lol I skidded out in the rain into my wife's aunt's car one time years ago, totally random leaving the post office she just happened to work around the corner didn't even know it was her car till she came outside oops oh **** lol
  3. you don't have to take the mirrors off, the puddle lights just clip off/on, you will want to dremel the back of the puddle light a bit so it will fit right, the plastic/epoxy on them just need a slight trimming.
  4. lol, ya I wish I could leave this place but it's warm enough usually and I make a living otherwise I would be in Florida (maybe), Oregon is not to bad but no work there
  5. here in Central California it's mid 60's low 70's the rest of ya'll freezing except Florida
  6. I see them on ebay for around $250 a set usually, depending on the color I have seen sets selling for like $80 never black though of course.
  7. is that a stick on thing or ? what brand mud flaps are those? and the wind deflectors? do they cut down on the wind coming in when the glass is down? these trucks are horribly designed in that manner, I had the windows down and the rear window open and had a soda can in the bed of the truck and that thing wiped around and shot inside at the dash like it shot out of a cannon. lol
  8. ya I had to wire my radar detector to the passenger airbag light in the roof console because the mirror harness on the k2xx only has 10v and my detector didn't like that low voltage, normally the mirrors have 12v and you can tap in the harness easy. It kind of threw me for a minute I thought my detector was taking a ****** but figured it out when I got my meter on it.
  9. the garmins are good I have the dashcam 20 in a couple vehicles, wired with a 12v dc to 5v usb adapter to accessory power so whenever the key is on it's recording, never have to touch it unless i need to pull video off the micro sd card. I put them on the passenger side in front of the mirror (drivers side of mirror has a light sensor), turn the brightness all the way down on the display, and it's out of sight of out mind.
  10. that sucks here in California if you hit the rear of anything it's automatically your fault, you can fight it and drag it out but in the end you loose unless you maybe have a really good lawyer and plenty of money, but that's what insurance is for, easier to just pay the deductible and let the insurance company's deal with it. doesn't matter if they just decided to take a nap in the fast lane, the law is written that you are required to maintain enough space to stop for any reason.
  11. Or maybe drill a hole in the lever for the bolt instead of a hose clamp
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