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  1. thanks for all the information, I just need to get everything priced so I can figure out how to proceed, i don't want to dig to deep of a hole, lol
  2. so what size tires and wheels are you running with that?
  3. sorry I am kind of a noob on lifts, what is the rear piggyback? and how much was the add a leaf? I appreciate your info, thanks
  4. so what about the front lower control arms? are you using something different from stock then? when my truck was lowered both the lower and upper controls were replaced and the original front coils were retained, so I have to source some new control arms to do a lift.
  5. are you using just the blocks on the back or the deaver j1? whatever that is, and are you using the regular coil over or the reservoir coilover?
  6. the BDS say's it widens it 1.5" on both sides, the CST doesn't? what about the front axle angles?
  7. when I bought my truck it was lowered already by the previous owner but I am considering lifting with probably a 4" kit I am looking for suggestions for a really good kit that will handle great I don't want a sloppy boat I want a nice tight ship i want to go up in tire size but just the right amount so I don't have to use fender guards or spacers, etc.. one shop told me the BDS kit handles well but when I had them look at my lowering kit they didn't seem to be to knowledgeable and this is a shop that has been around here for a few decades. anyway just looking for suggestions, experience?. i drive it kind of hard so it's important that it handles good. 2018 crew cab 6.5 bed 4x4 z71. I will add that the truck will be mostly be driven on road but I want to be able to be able to go off-road within reason not trying to climb moab but just basic no worries if i take the kids off in the mountains.
  8. added some audio, the stock system is pathetic sundown 2.75" dash speakers infinity Kappa 60CSX 6.5" components inifinity Kappa 62IX 6.5" 2 JL audio 10tw3's jl audio RD1500.1 jl audio 600 XD/6v2 piggybacked off of the stock amp output with hi/lo adapters for now the headunit I want hasn't come ashore yet
  9. On my Silverado I really don't see a way to put any resistor the blinker is integrated into the headlight housing I got lucky with the bulb working for just blinker, the bulb sits in a little plastic housing and twist's into the headlight housing, it appears the housing has it's own module inside it's really weird I was able to add higher power HID's and they work without any errors popping up but if I hook it up to a GDS2 scanner it can see the headlights are disconnected/grounded so it causes a code to come up in the bcm, I guess if nothing else works the bt diesel bcm programmer could be used to get rid of the hyperflash
  10. That's probably why mine are blinker only, you might try one of there other bulbs that is for marker/blinker they have different styles like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amber-Yellow-7440-LED-Turn-Signal-Parking-Light-No-Hyper-Flash-Canbus-Error-Free/114168131672?hash=item1a94f37058:g:hZ0AAOSwQURehm0Q does that light have it's own wire harness? on mine there is just a tiny socket it twist's into on the light housing
  11. are your blinkers also a marker light or are they blinker only?
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