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  1. ya I had to wire my radar detector to the passenger airbag light in the roof console because the mirror harness on the k2xx only has 10v and my detector didn't like that low voltage, normally the mirrors have 12v and you can tap in the harness easy. It kind of threw me for a minute I thought my detector was taking a ****** but figured it out when I got my meter on it.
  2. the garmins are good I have the dashcam 20 in a couple vehicles, wired with a 12v dc to 5v usb adapter to accessory power so whenever the key is on it's recording, never have to touch it unless i need to pull video off the micro sd card. I put them on the passenger side in front of the mirror (drivers side of mirror has a light sensor), turn the brightness all the way down on the display, and it's out of sight of out mind.
  3. that sucks here in California if you hit the rear of anything it's automatically your fault, you can fight it and drag it out but in the end you loose unless you maybe have a really good lawyer and plenty of money, but that's what insurance is for, easier to just pay the deductible and let the insurance company's deal with it. doesn't matter if they just decided to take a nap in the fast lane, the law is written that you are required to maintain enough space to stop for any reason.
  4. Or maybe drill a hole in the lever for the bolt instead of a hose clamp
  5. couldn't you just rig up some kind of lever? like a hose clamp with a bolt sticking up then attach the lever to the bolt and you could just push/pull it thru the grill and I thought the 1100 was wireless? the one I was looking at online came with a wireless control
  6. looks like a nice setup, I would like to do the same I have been a bit hesitant to do some more adventurous offroading because I don't have a winch and adding the aftermarket bumpers with mounts add's even more weight.
  7. thanks for the detailed photos I have the cst 4.5" lift installed so I was wondering that would have any affect on installation but looks like it should be fine, I like that it is recessed and not some big obnoxious thing sticking off the bumper lol. was the nylon cable a optional thing? the photos I see online of the winch show a steel cable.
  8. do you have a part number for that rough country bracket? have any pictures from underneath I am curious how it mounts up
  9. The mic's were in the headliner of my denali I would assume they still put them there in that case you can just unplug them, make sure you are not unplugging the ambient temp sensor, if not you can check the gm upfitter guide and cut them by the amp, on my denali the mic wires were right under the cup holder in the center console so I just snipped them, easy to patch back up if ever necessary.
  10. you can replace the battery's in those things rather easily, just unscrew and remove the cover and source new battery's online or at any battery's+ store, you can even get agm's for it. they are the same battery's that go in all kinds of things like kids toy cars, pc backup units, all kinds of stuff.
  11. amber light has slightly more lumen's in general and the cutoff is higher, of course more watts makes a difference also and the reflector beam pattern makes a difference spot/wide, etc
  12. another question comes to mind, did you cut the oem trim panel to keep the ac controls or is that a kit of some kind that let you keep the oem ac controls?
  13. so you are able to use 2 usb ports? or only 1, I see the adapter you are referring to has a regular size hdmi? I only see a micro usb port on the back of the pioneer and what looks like usb c? or is that a mini hdmi?
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