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  1. finally got around to getting the builtright bedside rack system together. comes with absolutely ZERO instructions, not a big deal but assembling some of the quickgrip stuff it would be nice to have a general idea of how it is supposed to be, there website has some install guides but none for chevy I have a bedliner installed so it has complicated things a little bit, the bottom attachment is not ideal it is a U shaped bracket but should be a u-bolt or a j bolt or at least have a L leg so you can turn it and snug it up that way, the way it is it now it just binds up so I bought some longer bolts and sleeves at the hardware and will finish it up in the morning. I may end getting a u-bolt and drilling a couple holes in the rack I could not find one that would fit the existing holes
  2. finally received the builtright bedside rack, I'm 2 days into a rather mean cold that has me wore out, I will try and piece it together in the next couple days
  3. still waiting for this to ship tried calling Friday to get any updates but no answer, I assume they closed early for the Holiday weekend, try again Tuesday I need these soon.
  4. installed onboard air, not the prettiest thing but it works for my purposes
  5. they said when I placed the order they should ship today (Wed), I will update once I get them
  6. ordered a set of bedside mounts, should come in handy here and there for me.
  7. bummer they get really really poor reviews on amazon, flimsy metal, only looks ok from the front unless you paint, install problems....
  8. thanks it looks like the black is either no longer available or out of stock, I did find some matte black carrich's that are pretty much identical, while searching it appears the 2500 & 1500 are the same as long as it is not a dually or high country.?
  9. ya I see the Sierra's have a different flare i like that style, kind of searching for a close match for the Silverado but they all seem to be thicker I just want minimum coverage to protect the metal and not some 4" plastic, maybe if I could get a painted set it wouldn't look so tacky.
  10. are those fender flares oem? or another brand I am looking for some thin ones just like those, just enough to protect the metal and not stick out.
  11. it seemed like the most logical place to put them since the door harness is not like they used to be where you could easily fish a wire thru the boot and it needed to be connected to the crossover and I figured if I screwed it up that it would be easy to just replace the upper trim piece that goes around the window
  12. are you installing a amp? or a adapter for the factory system I discovered some things when I did mine, things like the factory amp outputs. if you have the Bose system the factory amp filters the base output and splits the bluetooth audio/backup sensor beep/vehicle warnings into separate channels. Mine is not completely done yet I bypassed the factory amp and even using a 5 channel amp I don't have the backup sensor beep. I need to get the PAC adapter that will fit inside behind the screen that will split the channels up properly. I went with component up front and put the tweeter's here
  13. i put the sundown's in mine been in there a couple years, sound great, perfect fit, they are used with a jlaudio amp https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004309LTO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. do you notice any road noise with those tires?, I tried some toyo open country and they are noisy as in all I can hear on the highway is rumrumrumrumrumrurm ugh, I guess if road noise does not bother you most people just tune it out, I cannot.
  15. you can get a 12v dc to 5v usb adapter online and then all you have to do is run it straight up to the airbag light which is switched 12v power. no need to do all that extra work. normally you could also just tap into the mirror harness but on these trucks there is only 10v to the mirror so you just have to go up a smidge further.
  16. Haah, if I had that app my score would be zero and I would probably have a cancellation notice in my email
  17. mirror only has 10v feed so the mirror tap probably would not have worked well, 10v made my valentine go skitzo so I tapped into the airbag light which has 12v feed.
  18. I had 6 headlights on while traveling up in Washington state, I got stopped and given a warning at 4:30 am by a state trooper, lots of elk run up in the area I was in people hit them and get messed up bad they are much larger than typical deer, he was cool about it and just said those are way too bright and I can only use 4
  19. you can add marker lights galore here in California as long as they are the right color, you can also have 4 headlights. you can't add red or blue lights in the front but you can on the rear.
  20. no he's talking about the 3 amber lights in the grill, those are usually required on wider vehicles but some people like them for appearance as well.
  21. i'm lovin these ss3 max, the beam is so wide I can see what's on the sides even 50-60 feet away, maybe farther, I put a set on my Yukon as well and I must have them aimed right because I am not getting flashed, not even once
  22. got the rough country D-ring adapters installed yesterday, took a lot more work than I expected because of the winch had to take off the grill and bumper and unbolt the winch and lift it up to get the bolts in & out, also removed the lower valance trim piece
  23. I was going to try and get these on today but then realized the winch is in the way I can probably get the driver side on & off but the passenger side I will have to drop the winch I think, once I get the valance off tomorrow I'll have a better view, the winch power wires are in the way for sure
  24. Finally showed up, not sure what the difference would be between silverado & sierra mounting wise I will try and get it on tomorrow, instructions say the drivers side bolt head may need to be cut off to remove the oem tow ring so they supply new 1 bolt makes no sense, if a bolt head has to be cut off to remove it how does a whole new bolt go back in then?
  25. had one almost go over like that here not long ago he broke the guard rail but no wheels off jackknifed across the whole overpass
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