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  1. Working out the gremlins in the 07 Sierra I bought a while ago, sometimes I turn up the volume using the steering wheel buttons and the radio goes into 'scan mode', when I turn it off and power it up again most times it resumes scanning. Is there a chronic problem with the steering wheel buttons? Is there an easy fix for this? After this one I'll look at changing the back speakers, 1 is dead, other barely makes any sound at all. Thx
  2. Thanks for the info, will keep an eye on my oil consumption and see how it goes. Picking up the Flashpaq 2865 tomorrow.
  3. Tried that link, couldn't find the valve cover, woulda thought it would be under "engine parts" but would be pretty hard to list every part making up an entire engine. Can you remove the oil pan with the motor in the truck? Have been clicking around, it's my understanding a person only needs to clean that VLOM filter if their oil pressure gauge is showing low pressure? Mine seems to be working fine and so far it doesn't seem to be using oil, it has about 94k miles on it.
  4. What is a decent programmer for the 07? Is the Flashpaq 2865 any good, will it disable the AFM? (One for sale locally for a good price) Tying to learn. Thx
  5. I've learned 07's can have an oil consumption issue and depending who you talk to it can be cured by changing the drivers side valve cover or disabling the AFM using a "Range" or a programmer..? Looking for the part number of the valve cover, best place to get them and ideas on the Range or what programmer I should be thinking about. Thx
  6. I only had 2 cables going down the passenger A pillar, 1 bigger than the other and they both go to the On Star module. Have accepted having to surface mount another antenna beside the fin, oh well.
  7. OK, found this. This guy was in the same situation, 07 being 1st year of new body didn't have sat radio, only had the head unit for it. Looks like I'd need to replace the shark fin as part of a kit GM sells, the guy in the 3rd post seems to know what he's talking about: Getting Xm Radio On My Nbs '07 Unit
  8. What would the 3 wires be for? GPS I guess? |his truck does not have the Nav. so does that mean it will have a sat cable?
  9. Carnau, watched the video you posted, thank, might come in handy in the future. Just kinda crappy you have to keep this whole thing in the back of your mind in case this problem pops up when you're on the road somewhere. Have you done the job? Someone earlier in this thread mentioned using a regular deep socket but the guy in the video says you need a special one? I'd think a regular 6 point socket would work..?
  10. OK, so I have an add on sat radio setup in my truck that's off the road for the winter and I wanna use it in the 07 Silverado which has the shark fin antenna, "on star" mirror, deluxe radio which (from what I've learned by doing some clicking) should have a sat radio module behind the glove box. I wanna use the factory sat antenna cable to feed my add on unit I'm putting in this truck. I pulled the glove box out, sat module or antenna cable is not there, pulled the panels off the dash, can't find it anywhere. Has anyone heard of a truck having the shark fin for the 'on star' but not having the sat radio antenna? Tomorrow I'll remove the cover off the A-pillar, see exactly what I'm dealing with...
  11. (first post) Just bought an 07 Silverado with 90k miles on it, gonna be keeping an eye on my dipstick, (specially when hwy driving) and figuring where to get this disabler some of you are talking about., hmmm ....
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