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  1. Hi all, I'm new to figuring this stuff out and need some help. So I'm in between either a 4.5" (CST or Rancho) or 6" (Rancho) lift. I have a new 4x4 LD Silverado which is essentially the same as the 2018. It came with the factory 18 wheels and I really like them and would like to keep them on the truck (and I'd be saving money!). The question I have is that since they are not offset they might look weird & I'm worried about how big (width wise) a tire I can put without having to cut anything off to prevent rubbing. I'm trying to lift with the least amount of frame modifications possible.My plan is to go with 33's which should not be an issue. Will a 33x12.5 work or what's the widest that would not rub? Is this something normal that some people do, I don't see any pictures of lifted trucks with factory 18's? I've attached a picture of the type of wheels I have. Thanks for the help, LRod
  2. Welcome!! Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  3. I installed a range device 5 days after buying the truck. I didn't want to take the chance with messing the engine up and I like the full time V8. I did feel the changes especially in the transmission. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  4. Not that gentle, LOL!! I mean like a 4"-4.5". If I'd drive as much as you, I'd definitely stay at stock height. My daily round trip is 24 miles so it's OK. The getting in an out I'm sure can get old. But at like 4" I think is OK. 6" & up I can see a major issue especially when the family rides. Regardless what lift I end up with, I'll still be installing the 5100's. I'm leaning towards a CST 4.5". I'm in the research stage because I still have to budget for whatever I end up doing and I just got the truck. I love coilovers but I don't think I'd be willing to spend what they cost.
  5. Wow! I bought the mothers bug remover and it works super. I usually wash my cars once a week and I apply that before the wash and it works like magic. It's also safe for the paint, chrome & plastic. I'm thinking about the bug visor. I had one on my last truck but it would get grime under it even though I washed every week. I hated that because eventually it would mess up the paint. I might have to do it though. The idea of eventually moving over to OEM chrome mirrors sounds good. I will keep it in mind. I don't plan on leaving the truck as is. I'll be adding stuff to it as time goes by. Of course it's all money so it all has to be budgeted and done little by little. My first big add-ons will probably be a gentle lift, tires & a different exhaust. We shall see!! Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  6. Yep same paint as your's! It was cloudy so it looks darker in the picture. I bought it out in Clermont. It was the only dealer close enough that has tons of stock on trucks. It happen to have plenty of equipment "All star package" & 4x4 and I too loved the color and bought it. I took those pictures 2 weeks ago. I've since then also added some nerf bars and a bed liner. I'm like 25 miles south of you so I have the same bug problem as you unfortunately. I actually went in with the intention of the new body style unknowing that they were making the old body style also for 2019. I drove both, parked them side to side and saw all the details. I didn't like the new body style. It felt like they cheaped out on the truck and I just didn't really like the new look in person. I fell in love with this one and that was that. And I got a better deal! I got a V8 4x4 for the price of a new body style 4 cylinder turbo or V6 4x4. I'm happy! BTW, nice truck!! You have good taste LOL! Thank you for the welcome!
  7. Hello All! Looking forward to the forum. Just got a new 2019 LD 4x4 a couple of weeks ago.
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