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  1. I'm actually quite impressed with the paint on my truck. A few weeks ago I discovered someone had hit the passenger door leaving a dent and a lot of blue paint, spent about 30 minutes cleaning it with WD-40 and a magic eraser to find there was no damage to the paint at all, still pissed off about the dent as whoever did it left but it's a lot less noticeable now the paint transfer is gone.
  2. I'd take it to another dealer, that's just not right. My truck has gone over 10K and the pads are still as good as new.
  3. I had that checked last month, all they do is check for glue so there's not too much chance of them breaking anything doing that.
  4. I don't understand how they can say the issue was caused by the recent update when people on here have reported having the issue before having that update. That and the mention of using remote start, when once again people have reported getting the issue without using remote start. As a programmer myself I know how difficult it is to fix a problem when you don't know what causes it and it seems like they don't really know the cause here.
  5. I just started my truck up to come home from work and got the brake failure, stay below 62 mph warning, I didn't even have enough time to say "Shit" when it just went away again. Brakes seemed fine on the way home too. The funny thing is my office is about half a mile from my Chevy dealer so it would've been the perfect time for it to fail as I could've taken it in and they could've seen for themselves.
  6. I specifically mentioned PIT5695A to them when I had my service and it was reset to 100% afterwards so you'll probably have to go back in to get them to reset it.
  7. I thought the doors etc where aluminum rather than steel?
  8. The dealership I bought mine from sounded embarrassed when he told me that they "still" recommended changing oil every 3000 miles. The dealership I actually use for maintenance refuse to do the first service until the OLM is at 25% or less which I've just hit after 5600 miles so I'll probably get mine changed when I book it in for the current recalls.
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