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  1. Sweet. So you will be manufacturing and selling these? By the way, that isn't a question.
  2. Also, Stone Sour to Roxette. Quite the mash up. I approve.
  3. Is there a gap above the HU? The first HU didn't look like it had that.
  4. It isn't cheap no doubt. After decades of doing custom audio systems in my past vehicles, aftermarket integration into the OEM systems still is lacking. I hate the look of the Pioneer HU in my company truck but i didn't have much choice since it was the base IO3.
  5. Definitely HID for the lows. A projector upgrade would be even nicer and these headlights are a direct swap without having to split them apart. This will be my next upgrade. LED bulbs in fogs is one area I try to stay away from. Fog light optics typically scatter the light pretty bad without any focus. They may look cool but everyone else thinks your a douche. An aftermarket projector fog would be nice.
  6. Ebay isn't a terrible source for that sort of thing. Tasca auto parts is great. I have bought a bunch of parts from them over the years for my F150. Become friends with the parts counter guy at your local dealer. They should be able to give you 10% off which is fairly standard from a lot of online shops.
  7. I would think it would be easier to go with an aftermarket mirror and wire in that way with an RCA than trying to go the OEM route.
  8. WAMS or Coastal Flash could have got you some new modules and kept everything oem as far as AA or Carplay goes. I just need to send in my IC to get programmed or upgrade to a Denali cluster. The stock back up cam does blow and most of the problem is the camera itself. It is of poor quality.
  9. I would buy a splitter for 10 bucks instead of their pass through harness if you want to free up you OBD port. I am not running a tuner with my truck but I did with my F150 ecoboost so I used a splitter. I don't plug anything into the port enough to worry about the step harness plugging into it.
  10. If you want to add more to your single Kicker sub you can change out the amp. I did that in my F150 and added a discontinued Kicker amp that was rated at 400w which the sub will handle. Made a big difference.
  11. Okay, don't shoot me but my 2015 Silverado 2500HD has the I04 radio. I would like to upgrade to the 8" screen. That is all I really want due to the fact it sits in the garage 5 days a week and is not my daily driver. I assume it is a matter of buying the 8" screen and updating my current HMI? I just don't know if it is worth going through the hassle of updating everything for a truck that rarely gets driven. Now if I could upgrade my 2017 Colorado work truck with the I03 radio and get the company to pay for it that would be awesome.
  12. Hope you got everything sorted. I wrecked my former truck a few years ago. It was winter time. Guess what? The collision repair shops were backlogged. The one thing I wish I had was insurance coverage for a rental car. I do now.
  13. So I currently have the I04 radio in my 2015 Silverado 2500HD and would like to upgrade to the 8" screen.  Do I need to just get an 8" screen on ebay and get the 2.5 HMI as well and send you the 2.5 HMI?  Is that all I need.  The great thing is I don't drive this truck as a daily driver and you are just north of me in the PNW. 

    What is typical turnaround time?

    Would you be able to turn off the bulb out warning if I sent you my BCM?



  14. The great thing about Fords. You could turn off the bulb out warning in the BCM and run LEDs without resistors. I would assume GM would have the same option.
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