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  1. Okay, don't shoot me but my 2015 Silverado 2500HD has the I04 radio. I would like to upgrade to the 8" screen. That is all I really want due to the fact it sits in the garage 5 days a week and is not my daily driver. I assume it is a matter of buying the 8" screen and updating my current HMI? I just don't know if it is worth going through the hassle of updating everything for a truck that rarely gets driven. Now if I could upgrade my 2017 Colorado work truck with the I03 radio and get the company to pay for it that would be awesome.
  2. Hope you got everything sorted. I wrecked my former truck a few years ago. It was winter time. Guess what? The collision repair shops were backlogged. The one thing I wish I had was insurance coverage for a rental car. I do now.
  3. So I currently have the I04 radio in my 2015 Silverado 2500HD and would like to upgrade to the 8" screen.  Do I need to just get an 8" screen on ebay and get the 2.5 HMI as well and send you the 2.5 HMI?  Is that all I need.  The great thing is I don't drive this truck as a daily driver and you are just north of me in the PNW. 

    What is typical turnaround time?

    Would you be able to turn off the bulb out warning if I sent you my BCM?



  4. The great thing about Fords. You could turn off the bulb out warning in the BCM and run LEDs without resistors. I would assume GM would have the same option.
  5. I just got back into a Chevy after having a F150 for the past several years. One thing I miss about my F150 is the open source programming that was available that allowed me to make changes to the different modules. I want to upgrade the IO4 4.2" unit to the 8" unit with Carplay and AA. I am still in the research phase but correct me if I am wrong. It seems I would need a 2.5 HMI and the display and then would I be able to send the HMI to you for programming?
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