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  1. I couldn't agree more. I lost 2 tires on the same side of a very large tri-axle toy hauler a few years ago and had no idea until I came off the freeway and it started leaning over. If the 3rd tire had blown on the hwy, I have little doubt that both truck and trailer would have ended up with the shiny side down because the trailer outweighed the truck by at least 50%. Here is a pic of the truck and trailer combo I was using at the time. Looking forward to trying out the TPMS in the new trailer as soon as I get a chance to have them installed.
  2. Even worse, I am in Canada and don't want to order the cover at all while they are shut down because the exchange rate is so volatile right now. My luck, I would order it and the CDN $ will dip even lower when they finally decide to process my order.
  3. Thanks but it is specifically the Diamondback that I am interested in seeing. I can't put ATV's on any other cover.
  4. Just wondering if anyone on here has installed a Diamondback cover with the headache rack yet? I am thinking about getting one but want to see some pics that show the height of the headache rack. Specifically, I am hoping the headache rack is lower than the brake light and camera. I don't want to order it and then find out that it is actually higher than the cab. I have had Diamondback ATV covers before but not the headache rack.
  5. I love my diesel and would never have anything else BUT I tow and haul heavy frequently. A diesel is much more expensive to purchase, more expensive to maintain (think oil changes, fuel filters, DEF fluid, etc.) and when stuff breaks it is much more expensive to fix (think injectors, turbos, glow plugs, etc). You need to weigh the extra costs and overall size and weight against your needs. Everyone loves a big bad diesel, but if you don't need it then it may be worth the savings to go with a half ton gasser which is still pretty capable.
  6. That was the info I was looking for. Too late though, I already replaced them with stock size. Maybe I will upgrade them on the next set of tires. Thanks for posting this.
  7. Looks awesome! Glad you finally get to take her home! Let me know how it is for repelling the water spots and dust. Mine looks dirty right away. I have mine booked in for PPF on the front, but still debating the ceramic coat.
  8. My Truck finally arrived! Picked it up yesterday.
  9. One local tire shop assured me that the 285/75/18 would work no problem without having to turn up the torsion bar or add a lift. Said he has put them on several trucks. My dealer says they won't fit. Another tire shop wasn't sure. In the end I decided to stay with the stock size 275/70/18 and maybe upgrade size next time I need tires.
  10. I ordered my truck Jan 28. It arrived at the dealership today April. 1. I will pick it up in 2 days.
  11. What is the biggest tire size I can put on my 18" stock rims without having to do a lift kit or turn up the torsion bars? What about with just a torsion bar adjustment? 2020 3500 AT4 Crew Cab Long box
  12. Not too likely to see very many of those around.
  13. If at this point you only have your build done on the website and haven't actually ordered a truck, sorry to say but you are probably out of luck. You won't be able to order a MY2020 at this point as they were already at the end of the order process for this MY and now shut down due to COVID. The original plan before the shutdown was to stop taking orders for MY2020 in March, and then to start taking orders for MY2021 in May and start production of MY2021 Aug 30. With getting shut down for COVID, who knows how far that sets everything back. Unless you are prepared to wait until fall to get a truck, my advice would be to go find one on a Dealer lot somewhere ASAP.
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