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  1. If at this point you only have your build done on the website and haven't actually ordered a truck, sorry to say but you are probably out of luck. You won't be able to order a MY2020 at this point as they were already at the end of the order process for this MY and now shut down due to COVID. The original plan before the shutdown was to stop taking orders for MY2020 in March, and then to start taking orders for MY2021 in May and start production of MY2021 Aug 30. With getting shut down for COVID, who knows how far that sets everything back. Unless you are prepared to wait until fall to get a truck, my advice would be to go find one on a Dealer lot somewhere ASAP.
  2. At this point, there is probably no chance you will get a 2020. With the shutdown happening at the end of the order cycle for MY2020, I would bet that when do get back up and running they will be running MY2021 or at the very least only finishing the current orders that were already accepted into the system. If I were you, I would be DEMANDING my deposit back and then either find a truck already on a lot somewhere or wait until the order process for MY2021 comes out so you can see what you are ordering. If Laura refuses to give your deposit back, contact your credit card company (assuming you put the deposit on a card). Your only other option is to sit on your hands and wait, but you better be prepared to wait until fall to get your truck. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I am still waiting for my truck to arrive (factory order) so I can't say. However, I did not need them or miss them on my 2009 so I cannot imagine them being too important now.
  4. Stiffer front suspension will give you more control when cornering with a heavy load on the bed as the front corners won't "dive" as much. It will not be an advantage with a conventional trailer but if you pull a 5th wheel or haul heavy loads it will give you a little better control in the corners. Even though I haul heavy sometimes, I opted to not get them because I didn't want the stiffer ride when not hauling or when off road. Besides, it is an easy upgrade later if I feel it is necessary.
  5. Good thing 2 of those Elk were quite small. Not a lot of room in front of the 5th wheel. Even when the meat is broken down and stacked, it still takes up quite a bit of room.
  6. Ha ha I forgot to add the photo. I went back and added it now.
  7. Nice, I really like the Momentum, it may very well be my next trailer. This is the largest one I have owned owned so far at 38'. I towed it with my 2500 LMM. I was definitely running right at my max towing capacity but was actually within my payload and axle limits. Although, one time on the way back from a hunting trip with 3 elk loaded in the box ahead of the 5th wheel, I scaled it and was 200 lbs over on the steering axle and 600 lbs over on the drive axle. With the garage loaded up, most of the weight was on the trailer axles which kept the pinbox weight down.
  8. OOOHHH what brand of Toy Hauler?!?!? I have had a few, although I went to a regular RV trailer last year. I love it but I do miss my big 5th wheel toy hauler. Loading quads on a deck on the truck is a PIA compared to having them tucked away safe and dry.
  9. I am wondering if maybe there is something wrong with your fuel source? It seems pretty strange to have the exact same issue with 2 different trucks, especially when it is not a super common issue with these trucks. That would lead me to believe that either something is wrong with the fuel you are using, something wrong with the DEF you are using, you are using an additive it doesn't like, or you are driving it in an unusual way. I can't really think of what other variable could cause the same issue with 2 completely different trucks.
  10. You can order them from GM accessories dept in Carbon Black. Not sure about the US but If you are in Canada you can order them here: https://www.gmccanada.ca/en/accessories
  11. Black, White and Dark Sky Metallic are available through GM accessories. Do NOT let them paint the ones you have. MAKE them order the proper ones and let you keep both the blue and the black. You paid $940 and you can buy them for $766 from GM Canada. https://www.gmccanada.ca/en/accessories
  12. There is no VIN until AFTER the truck is built. If you have the VIN then your truck is definitely built. Whether it gets shipped or not is another story.
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