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  1. Looks are subjective, but IMO that is by far the best-looking Suburban. We’ve been considering a XL Denali but I hate the blinged-out look. Saw this and instantly went to build-and-price. Too bad they don’t let buyers option this up with things like the magnaride/air suspension.
  2. Same as others found. Just quickly looked at mine without taking anything apart, there is a space at the top on the passenger side.
  3. Going by my DEF gauge (FWIW), I’ve used about 1.5gal (if each “bar” is worth 0.5 gal like I think I read in the diesel owner‘s manual insert). About 4200 miles on the odo, avg 25 MPG over those miles. If this helps: No towing yet, 60% hwy/40% city, very little idling. Haven’t added any DEF yet, but will soon.
  4. Has everyone who has experienced this reported it to NHTSA? https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/
  5. Just had this thing lock up on me again. Stopped at a light in traffic, put the truck in park so that I could pick up something that had fallen on the passenger-side floor. Stupid, stupid, stupid move. Truck would not go back into drive! Steering wheel moved freely, no amount of cycling the ignition or turning on the parking brake or pumping the brakes would release the interlock. Thought I was going to break the shifter. Finally called OnStar (to see if they could offer a remedy or send a wrecker) while on hold with them, the damn thing released! After 3 traffic light cycles and several pi$$ed off people around me (rush hour). It was an awesome experience! I had released the tilt/telescope lever and while moving the steering wheel violently around, the interlock released. Guess it’s going in for service next week. Not even 2k miles! It’s a 2020, so much for waiting for them to work out the “first-year bugs” LOL.
  6. This happened to me 3-4 days ago. About 1400 miles on the truck. (2020 Silverado 3.0). While waiting in the 40-minute line to exit the parking garage at work — was on the decline from 3rd floor to 2nd floor. I put the truck in park, and could not get it out of park when the line moved again. No amount of rotating the steering wheel (it moved freely) helped. I shut off/restarted the truck. Still stuck. (Started to get nervous at this point). I released the brake pedal and pressed it to the floor. No good. Finally, I turned on the parking brake, that freed it instantly (also, I prayed). Thank God, otherwise there would have been a massive amount of teed-off people stuck behind me waiting on a tow. There were no warning lights. I had remote-started the truck with the key fob (not the app). Has not happened since, but this morning, on start up on level ground, the “service steering column lock” warning appeared on the DIC for 2 seconds and disappeared. No other symptoms, just the warning. If I take it in now, pretty sure the dealer “won’t be able to replicate,” and it’ll be a big waste of time.
  7. New guy here... Hoping to give my .02 in case someone is considering the 3.0. And it’s also for the guy who is believing all the negative BS reviews like I almost did. Long post, sorry. Just picked up a Silverado LTZ CC Z-71 with the 3.0, two days later loaded up the family and a week’s worth of stuff for our annual trip from FL to the mountains in TN. ~ 1200 miles round trip. Beside road trips, my commute is 80 miles round trip on rural 2-lane roads (60-70mph) and I think it’s gonna shine there. I rarely tow, and when I do it’s a utility trailer that didn’t much stress our wheezy Acadia let alone a 1/2-ton. We got the 3.0 for fuel economy vs. the 6.2 (another great motor) and I think it delivered (averaged 24.8 mpg round trip, including a week of driving up and down the mountain on a narrow, steep road — 2500 rpms at 20 mph). On the interstate, I kept up with the flow of traffic in the left lane, if you catch my drift — no hypermiling. Truck has less than 1300 miles on it now, we’ll see if the mpg gets even better later. Mine’s 4x4, but it was in 2wd the whole time. The truck rode and handled damn well. It is smooth and solid-feeling. Had no issues tracking straight and handling the mountains on I-40 sandwiched between a half-asleep trucker in the right lane and a cement divider wall on the left, for example. My wife and my 3- and 5-year old kids were never jostled by any bumps or drama. Never sloppy. Loaded or unloaded. Never drove a 2019, so can’t comment if that’s different. (To understand my POV, our other family car is a leased 2019 top-tier European SUV, which is a great car, but the only thing that it does better is superior interior materials/seats and impressing the college kid working as a valet — maybe better crash scores — otherwise, it’s a bit noisier/thirstier/harsher-riding, with coarser sounds coming from the engine bay). Who knows about long-term reliability on a new motor from ANY OEM (so far, I’ve had great luck with GM) but that 3.0 is definitely a premium motor and works flawlessly with the 10-speed (or vice versa). The truck was never in the wrong gear, never hunting/never harsh, and always gave me the power I needed, when I needed it. No drama, just quiet supreme confidence. Kudos to the GM engineers on this one. They knocked this powertrain tune out of the park (they’ve had some MAJOR tuning missteps lately, including the 17 Acadia this truck replaced for us). In FL, diesel costs more than 87 but about on par with 93 — I’m used to putting premium in my wife’s SUV and my G8, so that’s not a big shocker for my budget. Others without that same prior experience might feel differently. Hope this helps someone looking at these trucks.
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