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  1. Just purchase a 2019 Tahoe yesterday and having these same issues with a new iPhone 11 and IOS 13.1.3. First of all, whenever I get in my car Bluetooth immediately grabs my phone and starts playing regardless of whether its plugged up or not. (Shouldn't it just recognize the device and not automatically connect to media and start playing? ) Even once I connected to USB I couldn't figure out how to switch it to CarPlay which now I know is because the car wasn't recognizing CarPlay. Today I deleted all Bluetooth (which I shouldn't have to do really) and I am having the same issues as everyone else here. Is this system really that messed up? CarPlay is a dealbreaker and if this Tahoe can't pull it off I may need to go ask for my Volvo back. Seriously, CarPlay has to work. Secondly, is this the best or most widely used forum for owners? Volvo owners have swedespeed which is much used and very valuable for finding answers to things you can't figure out. Hoping there is the same kind of community for Tahoe owners that I can go to with issues.
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