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  1. I have been certain that this must be a limitation of Intellisync but I might have just caught a major break with this. Yesterday, my phone got iOS 13.1.3 and today, the CarPlay has worked on all 3 trips in the truck. I've never had it work 3 times in a row, so maybe there was a problem with iOS 13 (every phone we tested against, new or old, has had iOS 13 on it). Fingers crossed. EDIT: It's working 80% of the time now. *much* better than before but not quite working 100% of the time either.
  2. I thought about that and I did delete it from the BT list. I thought for sure that fixed it but sure enough the next drive was back to broken. I just saw that I can use the "Shortcuts" to shut off bluetooth when certain things happen ... but it seems that the rule would work best if I could connect to CarPlay (because the rule could say "when connected to CarPlay, shut off Bluetooth).
  3. Yeah - I've turned Apple CarPlay off in the settings with the phones attached or disconnected. I've even wiped the list of devices in the list a couple times hoping to just re-run through setup. The devices are all up to date, now. The iPhone 8 was iOS 12 but the new iPhone 11's came with iOS 13 which has been upgraded almost daily with small incremental updates.
  4. I have been an avid user of Android Auto since purchasing my 2018 Yukon but I recently switched to an iPhone 11. CarPlay does not consistently connect like Android Auto did. On a rare occasion, my wife would plug her iPhone 8 in and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. It never really concerned me because as the primary driver, my Android Auto worked 100% of the time. Now, CarPlay connects only about 25% of the time (even though it charges via the USB cable 100% of the time). I've tried the basic troubleshooting steps... I've removed all Bluetooth accessories, deleted all CarPlay devices, turned off Android Auto altogether, used several brand new cables, rebooted the phone, checked if any updates were available for Intellilink (I'm at v84201676), used a diff USB port in the truck, tried disabling WiFi, press the "Screen Projection" button, etc. I don't think it's the phone because the behavior occurs with 3 different iOS devices, leading me to believe that it's probably something to do with the radio in the truck. Anyone by chance got any recommendations? I really prefer to use CarPlay.
  5. Hi - I haven't heard from you regarding this. Let me know ASAP, I'm getting offers in on this and want to let it go in the next day or two. I've been quiet on it because I just came back in from vacation. Thank you.
  6. Edit: I found some pics. Attached. Yes - this will fit your Sierra if you have the 5'8" bed.
  7. Pics below.... Got rid of the leased 2015 Silverado. Still have the Extang Encore. Perfect condition. No leaks. Have the key. Will help you install. Fits both Seirra and Silverado short bed. Sturdy enough you can stand on, yet professional and clean looking. DFW, pickup only. $500. [email protected]
  8. Traded my leased 5'8" 1500. Kept Extang Encore. Perfect condition. No leaks. Pickup in DFW only. I'll even help you install it. Paid $1150 new. Roughly 8-9 months old. I love it enough that I'll buy this exact mode for the new truck (Ford).
  9. I have the Extang Encore (and on previous trucks had the Extang Solid Fold). I think they are by far the best application. You can stand on them. They're much more water tight than competitors I've tried. And I just like the rugged yet professional look. On the flip side, I had a BakFlip hard folding cover once and absolutely hated it. Only after being "that guy" did they finally offer to swap it out (I'd have just preferred my money back) but they new one had the exact same lack-of-water-tight issues (I'd get a LOT of standing water in the bed, not just a few drips). I ultimately had to pay to send it back and promised I would never buy anything from them again. They were terrible to work with.
  10. You can call to activate the OnStar even if you didn't do it during the trial. Worst case, if the rep won't activate you for free for a month, just pay for a single month. Once you logon and use the app once, it's active for 5 years (even if you stop your service in between). A $30/mo service fee (for a single month) to OnStar for the convenience of not having an aftermarket alarm sounds like an easy investment.
  11. I think I've seen a couple mentions that GM changed the bulb and increased the voltage of the headlights b/c Seirra owners were complaining the lights weren't sufficient for them. Given their headlights are an awful lot like the LTZ headlights, is the same mod (from the dealer available) for Silverado owners? It's more of a curiosity thing than anything else, I don't think that I've ever really had any "trouble" with my headlights not being bright enough.
  12. I guess I stand alone... I had such a bad experience with Bak that I will never go back and I'll never recommend their products.
  13. I was told regardless of the percentage, I should bringing it in every 5k (and have the tires rotated) or every 6 months, whichever happened first.
  14. I'm with these guys - I never even notice it switches between 4 & 8 cylinders unless I'm on one of the screens that shows it.
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