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  1. Does anyone have the part number for the Onyx Black set of fenders? Thankyou in advance.
  2. Did you ever get that magnuson blower installed? Curious how it worked out? Thorley headers really provide that much power?
  3. I am very curious how the Whipple works for you? I am thinking about adding one to my 6.0. Who did your tune? I have read that the tune from Whipple isn't the greatest and leaves the truck with surging issues. Did you have this problem?
  4. But you did add spacers to get those to fit without rubbing the UCA right?
  5. Check out these: https://americanracingheaders.com/collections/gm-truck/products/gm-truck-6-0l-2500-long-system
  6. https://americanracingheaders.com/collections/gm-truck/products/gm-truck-6-0l-2500-long-system
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