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  1. My truck is gas. I don’t tow big stuff frequently enough to justify the $10000 difference for a Duramax. I moved up to this truck from a 2015 Silverado 1500. The combination of the 6.0 and the 4.10 gears make it more enjoyable to drive.
  2. Thanks for the reply. What do I need to do to remedy that?
  3. Hey everyone. I have a 1991 Chevy C1500 that I have owned since new. It has the original 5.7 with the manual 5-speed transmission and the truck has about 100k miles on it. When the truck is warm the clutch pedal makes a loud squeak when you push it in. You can hear it inside and outside of the truck. There is no noise when it is cold. Anyone have any insight what could be causing this? I really enjoy driving the truck but the squeak is embarrassing. Thanks.
  4. offroadman83, I looked for your previous thread and can't find it. Is it titled as something other than manifold bolts?
  5. Sorry, i guess that would be helpful. My truck is an LT and it has the LT Plus package, if that makes a difference. It is a double cab Z71.
  6. Hi all. I have a 2019 Silverado 2500HD with factory tow mirrors. They are power and heated with turn signals, amber marker lights, and the led cargo lights. I am wondering how much work would have to be done to upgrade to the power fold option. My mirrors barely clear my garage door opening and i'm afraid one day i will misjudge and hit one of them. Other than a new switch would the upgraded mirrors be plug and play or would i need to change wire harnesses? Thanks for your help.
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