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  1. Well haha it kind of looks like it. I guess I should have been specific and said in Indiana where I live. Good luck finding any 20-30 year old anything around here that was used as a year-round vehicle that isn't rusty. Sorry to have not been 100% factual with my post.
  2. The truck may not be rare. However, finding one that isn't completely used up with 300000 miles on it and major rust is rare. These are great work trucks and most get (or got) used as intended. I hope to someday find one in decent shape to use as a daily driver. It is cool that you are saving this one. Good luck!
  3. I thought all 1990 454ss trucks came with 4:10 gears and the G80 locking differential. I thought they went to the 3:73 gears in 1991 when they offered the 4-speed automatic.
  4. New trucks and suv's are expensive, there's no doubt. I get the love of an old truck, I am the same way with my 93 GMC ext cab. It has 260k on the odometer and is a great truck. If something goes wrong with it I fix it. On the other hand though I have my 2019 2500HD. I love them both and they both have their purposes in my life. If you are in a position to do both then keep it and buy a new one. Fix the old 'Burb at your leisure. Swapping your 454 for a 350 though, I'm not sure I would do that. Your mileage isn't going to be much better in a Suburban mainly because of the weight. I had a 1995 Yukon with the 350 (3.73 diff) and I got 10mpg all the time. It didn't matter what I was doing or how I drove it. 10mpg. I'm not sure if i'm any help to your question but this is my two cents worth.
  5. This is a great option (all data) if you are planning to do major repairs. Years ago i had access to it when i attended Ivy Tech's automotive program. Clear, precise instructions on repairs. If you just like the idea of having a book in your hand the factory service manuals come up for sale on ebay occasionally. Haynes or Chilton manuals aren't as specific, like davester said.
  6. I know i don't have any grey. I may have some red or blue ones but i'd have to look.
  7. My best has been 17.2 on a 2-hour trip to Lafayette running 60-65mph. Around town i usually get around 12. My truck has the 6.0 gas, not the diesel obviously!
  8. Guess i hadn't thought about that. That is definitely a nice upgrade to the factory seats though! The only negative is that you can't get the cool 90's pinstriped fabric!
  9. That's the first thing I would try. It's the only thing that makes sense this early in the morning.
  10. Good idea, I was going to suggest that. I always replace the rubber brake hoses every time I do a brake job. It is cheap insurance.
  11. Nice upgrade! I wouldn't have thought those seats would fit this body style. The interior of my 2019 seems so much bigger than the interior of my 1991.
  12. The 454 is a good stout motor and it should have plenty of torque for most hauling. It's like anything else, if it is maintained well it should perform well. You shouldn't expect stellar gas mileage, but i'm guessing you aren't. These are my favorite body style of GM trucks too. I've owned several since this body style premiered in 1988.I bought this red short bed new in January of 1991 and will probably never sell it. I also have a 1993 GMC extended cab that is my daily driver with 260k on it. I wouldn't be afraid to drive that truck anywhere.
  13. Sorry but you are getting out of my comfort zone. I've never been into one as far as you are so someone with more experience than me will have to step in. Good luck with your repair.
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