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  1. I had the same problem and did as you said , bravo and thank you
  2. AWESOME ! I was able to figure out the transfer thing ok but I do like the mini version much better . Thank you all
  3. Ok thanks guys . I'm new to this high tech stuff , I'm old and not up to date on a lot of these things , I grew up on rotary phones and 45's . So should I go with 2.0 or 3.0 and say 32 gb storage for some hours of music only ? As with everything these days there are too many choices and I just want to make the best one .
  4. I'm new to this hi tech stuff , I'm just looking for a flash drive that works well for several hours of music in my 2019 Sierra . Recommendations and advice welcome
  5. I'm looking for recommendations for a Bluetooth compatible CD player so I can listen to my CD's in my over priced under optioned 2019 Sierra
  6. Same thing with my first one , had scratch's and a small cut in the padding with a hunk of cardboard stuffed in the box . Second one had a big block of foam with bubble wrap on the mounting horn. Crappy shipping practice , worst I have EVER seen in my 66 years . I installed it today with a few choice words added . All the clips came off the tabs , glad I got more ahead of time. One thing I did differently from previous posts was leave the upper cover on the driver side on until I had it out . I was able to coax the metal clips and plastic locking tabs around the edges apart with little damage because I could see inside better than if it was still bolted in and just pulling on it . I found the aluminum collar around the seat belt attachment I was informed about but rather than pry at it or plier it , I just leveraged out the flange part with the end of the seat belt attachment that it was meant to hold in place , very thin aluminum and easily done . When I reinstalled it I just bent the collar over a bit and let the bolt finish it . For the most part it went smooth , the plastic being the toughest to deal with . Glad it's done and over with.
  7. There's been no mention on here about the plastic behind the seat belt floor attachment and how it comes off , I'm guessing the same type of clips used on the other side panels but previous posts say that only 5 new clips are needed for the job . That number doesn't jive with or include this lower panel forementioned . For the most part the posts relating to this upgrade have been very helpful but still leave some holes to be filled . When I do anything I like to be prepared , unpleasant surprises can really take a dump on you day . Comments welcome , thank you
  8. That's prolly the one I returned. It had a small cut in the pad and scratch's in the plastic . GM does a lousy job in their shipping practices , the seat belt attachment is not covered and bounces around in the box . Not a doubt in my mind that is the culprit . I live 50 miles from there and drove there to make the swap , Kyle at Malouf Chevy in NJ
  9. got mine in a week ,it was damaged and got the the replacement a week later from https://www.gmpartsxperts.com/
  10. Just my luck , I opened the GM box and the armrest has damage to it . This one is going back and another reordered . As far as the plastic removal , I have not seen anywhere about the removal of the bottom large surround that goes around the back under the seat belt bolt to access the two T-55 bolts . CTB Console blowup.pdf
  11. I just received my upgrade yesterday and hope to get it done as soon as the weather breaks here. If you had to do it again , what tips would suggest to remove the plastic panels . Also I can't seem to come up with torque values for the T-55 bolts for the installation , this concerns me because the armrest is a critical part of the jump seat restraint system . I've seen different versions of installation , one where the entire unit out of the box was swapped and another where just the compartment/armrest portion was changed reusing the mechanical guts of the OE armrest.
  12. Thanks for the heads up , I live in Pa and ordered it from the N J place .
  13. I ordered it under the old part number that was still listed . It should all pan out
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