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  1. I still have these items available for sale! Send me an PM if you are interested.
  2. I still have these items available for sale! Send me an PM if you are interested.
  3. Banks Ram-Air® Intake System Dry Filter for 2015-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax, LML (Item # 42248-D) and a Banks AutoMind Tuner for the 2015-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 (Item # 66411). $275 each or $500 for both!
  4. I would like to say too that it is normal! But I know it worked as my 2015 Denali HD that I traded in when we first picked it up and came home. That was this past Saturday. Sunday is when we noticed this, when we went out and about to put a few miles on her, we got home, backed in as we always do...that was the image we got. Its really weird and disorienting!
  5. Hello All! I do apologize if this has already been tackled. I did do a cursory search and could not find this in the HD forum at the very least. We were able to finally able to pick up our 2020 GMC AT4 HD 3500 this past Saturday. Everything with the back-up camera seemed normal the first few time we back-up up. Then, I’m unsure if I did something messing with the setting or jostling thru the different camera views or what...but now the camera, when you go into reverse looks like this! It is all skewed and stretched. Has anyone seen this before1. Figured I would approach y’all before spending the time going back to the dealership! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!.
  6. Thanks for doing this! I may end up having to do this if my dealership ends up refusing to do this as they have said in the past they will. I ordered our AT4 3500 with the Upfitter Switches in Dec and it was built 1 Feb. Truck, as of last Friday, is still sitting in Flint waiting to be put on a rail car!
  7. Don't know when you ordered yours, but we ordered our AT4 3500 on Dec 9th, Built 1 Feb (really 27 Jan), and is still sitting in Flint as of this past friday! So I can certainly understand how that excitement has died down! Think I have lost that loving feeling of ordering and taking delivery of exactly what I wanted. But, I glad you have some light at the end of your tunnel! I hope it is everything you enjoy your new truck! I know I will eventually!
  8. If I thought we could wait that much longer again....I would!! But we have already delayed/postponed/canceled camping trips (Prior to corona virus lock-down) because we wanted to protect our trade in. They offered us a really great trade-in value, and did not want to screw that up. But that was when we all had the expiration of transit time (delivery) by 27 February. We have a fifth wheel we haven't been in since October and the wife is itching to get back out, as I am as well! At that point she would just say screw it, lets find one that already exists on a lot somewhere that close to what we want. It a matter of principle now, that's one reason I haven already done that!
  9. Dunn, and yes...eventually I will! I am not sure if I will be more amazed that it showed up or that I finally have the most awesomest truck I will have ever owned!
  10. Thanks Dunn! I certainly hope they are still delivering. However, according to my dealer, the truck was still sitting in Flint waiting to be loaded on a rail car this past Friday. Pretty much status quo for sometime now. This has certainly taken the excitement out of purchasing this truck. The sad part is, after doing a search for other 3500 AT4s with in the 2000 mile search you can do on the GMC website, I stopped counting after finding 10 other 3500 AT4s with similar options (23/24 of 26 matches). There are 10 or more trucks out there with a VIN sequence well after mine that are currently sitting on dealership lots. I and still cannot get an explanation from anyone as to why mine is still sitting there. Hopefully soon I will get word that it actually shipped!
  11. Congrats! Wish I were so lucky. We ordered our 2020 GMC AT4 3500 in Red Quartz December 9th. Truck was built 27 January with a Date of Expiration for delivery of 27 February. It is still sitting in Flint as of today. I’m a little upset and feel I have lost the excitement of ordering and taking delivery of our truck. No one seems to know why, want to know why, or just tell my if they know how come it hasn’t been shipped yet. I do know it was coded and put on Hold for about a week and a half, but it has been Bayed and Ready for Ship for two weeks now. Today I went as far as to do a nationwide search to see how many with a vin after mine have already been delivered to dealerships....I stopped at ten. Enough to tell me something jacked up is going on. Anyway, congrats to those that have gotten theirs and hope mine finally makes it us soon. We have been planning some camping trips with our 5th wheel and may have to push those back again.
  12. Thanks and you are welcome!! Looking forward to getting her! After two and half hours with the dealerships GM and the Regional Manager Saturday a week ago, he the RegMan was making an assumption that mine, (and several others due to his AOR) had possible been held because of an inspection/investigation/issue of some sort needed to be addressed prior to leaving the factory. hope to get an update tomorrow or Tuesday. Congrats on your Denali and hope your order goes a little more smoothly than ours. We highly considered that one but chose the AT4 instead. Kinda wish we had gone with the Denali with the incentives that are out there now for them.
  13. We ordered our 2020 GMC AT4HD 3500 on Dec 9th. We had been given an expectation of 8-12 weeks for production and delivery. The build request had been excepted from the factory and given a build date with in less than two weeks from order with an build week of 24 Jan. Our new baby was produced on 27 Jan or 1 Feb (depending on who we spike with), sent to an outfitter for sprayed in bed liner on the 4th supposedly, invoice I believe on the 5th. Was given a Expiration of transit time (delivery) of 27 Feb. Truck was placed in a Hold status code for a reason we have not been told around 6/7 March. No reason why so much time elapsed before any updates to status of the truck between 5 Feb and 6/7 March. It was supposedly updated this past Friday to waiting on a rail car from Flint. We have been told at least 5-10 days from being put on a rail car that we should see it here in Newport News, VA. I know this may not make you feel any better, but hope that it gives you a realistic expectation.
  14. We are upgrading to a 2020 GMC AT4 HD 3500 and should be delivered soon. Asking $47,000 Follow this link for additional photos Facebook Marketplace ad So...Look no further for your next tow vehicle! Tow in style, tow with confidence!! This 2015 GMC Denali HD 2500 in Black Onyx has all the bells and whistles and more! She has only 52500 miles on her! This truck has been upgraded with BlueOx Gooseneck Hitch, a Second 7 Way connector in bed to secure your Gooseneck or Fifth-Wheel camper trailer wiring harness to help you tow in comfort and with confidence. It has also been upgraded with a Pop-A-Lock remote lock actuator for tailgate (unlocks tailgate when you unlock your truck). To help with those horrible GM headlights, this Denali has been upgraded with GTR Lighting Gen 5 HID 5000K headlights and Morimoto XB LED foglights...I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made! For just that little bit of oomph or MPG, this GMC has also been upgraded with the Banks Ram Air intake and Banks exhaust with chrome tip. Upgraded Shocks to BILSTEIN 5100 series shocks at 43500 miles. A Banks AutoMind programmer, is available and negotiable with purchase of this 2015 GMC Denali HD.
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