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  1. With all the extra hardware and moving parts, I'm sure it weighs more than a traditional tailgate. My sales guy told me the additional weight on the MultiPro is why the GMC only has the automatic down feature, while the Chevy models (with less weight) have automatic down and up. Regardless, GM designers have sprung it nicely, and it doesn't feel like it weighs anything when opening/closing. Before I had the truck, I thought the fancy tailgate was just a gimmick. It turns out to be quite useful in a few situations, but I'm not sure I would go with GMC just because of the additional utility of the tailgate.
  2. I spent the better part of a morning calling the parts departments of all the dealers in my town, only to be told by each, respectively, that they don't have it in stock and neither does their supply warehouse. Yesterday, I ordered the camera from ShopChevyParts (same as the link provided earlier in this thread). Before I ordered, I called them to see if they had it in stock. At that time, they had 24 units. The rep I spoke with told me that these cameras are in short supply right now. GM just changed the part number, and ShopChevyParts bought every unit that was available to them--thus, shutting out any dealer who might want to order any right now. With the extra 5% discount, the online price is about $135 cheaper than list. I had to pay shipping ($18) but no sales tax.
  3. Here's my Sierra 3500HD AT4 Duramax. I'm a happy camper.....literally. With 3839lb. payload capacity, this will pull my Airstream just fine!
  4. Question for y'all....feel free to speculate: I ordered my truck in August. It was produced in late November and shipped prior to Thanksgiving. It arrived at the distribution center (Westfield rail yard, just outside of Houston) on December 9. And there it still sits "bayed", according to both my dealer and GMC customer service. My dealer is keeping me in the loop, but they are as flummoxed as I am over this delay. Is it normal to take so long to get loaded on a carrier for the last 35 miles to the dealer? Or might something else be going on?
  5. The supply chain for delivery from factory to dealer is quite nonlinear. It took about 10 days for my truck to get from Flint to Houston. However, it's been sitting at the rail yard for 8 days....this last 35 miles is taking forever! The longer they take, the longer before I'm making payments....
  6. Head over to GMC.com and click on the "Chat Now" button in the lower right hand corner of the window to "Check on My New Vehicle Order". Within a minute or so, you should be chatting with a live person. Provide your order number and some other personal identification data and the CSR should be able to give you the Event Code. At least this will let you know where you are in the overall order process.
  7. Look at my pc above. I don’t have 82” clearance, but a 2500HD AT4 with 20” wheels fit with room to spare. As long as you have enough room for the length of the truck, your height should be sufficient.
  8. I'm surprised by your timeline. I ordered a similar truck (AT4 SRW 3500 SB Duramax) on August 30. Order was accepted by GM September 4. Truck came off the line on November 26 and is currently on a rail car en route to Houston (event code 4200). I've been told to expect delivery week of December 16. If this holds, my lead time will be 16 weeks....6 of which were consumed by the work stoppage associated with UAW strike. Looking at my build sheet, there are a few RPO codes (E2C--Order to Delivery Expedite to Customer; R9Z--POMS Expedite-Sold Orders/TSE) associated with "expedited delivery". I'm not sure if this means anything (do they add these RPOs to all trucks?) Do you have similar RPOs?
  9. Does anybody know if there is any different in receiver height between the 2020s and the previous generation HD?
  10. My local dealer didn't have any 3500HD models in stock, so I brought a 2500HD home to check for garage fit. (See my pics in an earlier post in this same thread.) For all practical purposes, the max height of 3500 is 1" taller than 2500. I have more than 1" of clearance, so I am confident my 3500HD AT4 will fit. But in the "better safe than sorry" mindset, we're currently building a new house. I've specified 8' garage door heights for all bays! (And before anybody asks....I'm not building a new house to fit the new truck....as far as my wife knows!!!!)
  11. Here is a 2500HD AT4 with 20" wheels that I borrowed from my dealer to check for fit. I have just enough clearance to give me confidence that the 3500HD AT4 I have on order will fit. My 2015 2500HD Denali easily fits...and I can close the garage door, open the tailgate and have plenty of room to walk all the way around the truck. This new one is a much larger truck.
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