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  1. Between having my truck in the shop and not driving much lately, I cannot give you a definitive answer. It seems better, but I cannot say for sure. I'm heading out on a cross-country trek tomorrow, so I'll find out for sure either way. When I did get my truck back yesterday, I noticed some subtle differences in the user interface (e.g. incoming phone call screen is a bit different), so I am thinking they updated my audiovisual software. Fingers crossed....
  2. I have been asking my service advisor this same question for the last 2 months. He assures me that my camera doesn’t work with any truck and the new camera works with every truck they tried. Ergo, it’s the camera. Logically, I can subscribe to this diagnosis, since my camera worked perfectly for the first 1000 miles or so. I may very well have a problem with the video module (that would explain some of my other symptoms), but nobody can diagnose that until we have an operational camera installed. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Remember, these trucks have gazillions of computers, each with its own diagnostic capability. When something isn’t working correctly, it generally throws a code that the advanced diagnostic techs can read and decipher. If you had a video module problem, it would let you know. In my case, I was only getting codes related to camera function—not data signal processing. Either way, I feel that I am being taken seriously and GM really wants me to have a functional system. We will get there eventually.
  3. The current part number is 84946379. I think these should finally be available to the masses starting next week. We're leaving next weekend on a cross-country camping trip. If I don't get the new camera installed before we depart, I'll get it done at the end of the month. I'll post an update whenever I learn anything. The return policy on your "electronic" camera does not apply if you are needing to exchange out a defective unit. If I recall correctly, there is a 1 year warranty on the camera if purchased separately, and 3 years if purchased with your truck. Either way, you're still within your warranty window for an exchange. If you are only wanting to return a defective camera, I don't know what trouble they may give you. If they don't want to work with you, you can always raise a claim through your credit card bank.
  4. I've had my truck in the shop 4 times for this issue, and I finally have a diagnosis. The last 2 times, I've dropped off both my truck and my Airstream. The service department has run several tests and diagnostics and field trials, using my camera and a camera that they have purchased. Their camera works great. Mine....not so well. They say I have either a faulty camera or a damaged cable. Either way, the camera should be replaced under warranty. We have started the process of returning my defective unit. Here is where it gets really interesting...GM has had at least 7 different part numbers for this camera, 6 of which are no longer available. In fact, for several months, there were no cameras available at all. This is partly due to supply disruptions due to COVID-19, but also mostly because they stopped offering the previous versions of cameras. Apparently many of these early-version cameras are defective, so they've pulled the old ones and are now offering the redesigned ones instead. It would seem they have struggled to produce a reliable product. Hopefully the current version has all the bugs worked out. I purchased my camera from a dealer with a large online parts presence (I'm sure you can figure out who this is). I was talking to one of their customer service agents today, and he said they have been seeing quite a lot of problems with the early versions of the camera. It would appear that we early adopters are the beta testers for GM. I think the solution to our problem is simple (of course, simple is not always easy!). Return your camera and have it replaced under warranty. Hopefully this 7th version will be more reliable. I'll update here when I finally get the new parts delivered and installed. Please let me know what you guys end up doing. Good luck!
  5. According to my service department, here is the code my camera threw last time. This means nothing to me. However, they ordered a camera of their own to diagnose my issues. The camera finally came in, but I needed my truck back for a long weekend camping trip. I'll get it back to the service center this upcoming week and then we'll see what they say.
  6. That's the same observation I have with mine...and the dealer replicated the problem. They are claiming that faulty cable loses connection after it bounces around while driving. Let's see where this goes... Do you know what settings they updated?
  7. I'm having similar (but not exactly the same) problems. My service department claims that this is a problem that SiriusXM needs to resolve. I could understand if my problems were always with XM, but the audio issues arise with no regard to the selected audio source. My truck is in the shop for the 3rd time for this issue. If this was a software issue, it should be quite prevalent. Instead, there are a few of us (according to GM) having these issues. I told them to start ripping out hardware and replacing it until the problems go away....I'll update if they find a way to fix my problems.
  8. I feel your pain. I'm having all sorts of problems with audio in my 2020 3500HD. GM is blaming XM, but sometimes I have issues with FM and bluetooth as well. My problems occur about 10% of the times I drive...but that number increases to ~50% when I have a trailer connected. I think I have a bad head unit or a grounding issue somewhere. This is getting frustrating.
  9. Hi Shotgun Have you made any progress on your camera dysfunction? I got tired of the radio silence from both GM and from my service center, so I filled out the customer satisfaction survey (with all honesty) and called GM asking for an update. Within 24 hours, GM had me bring my truck (with the trailer this time!) to the dealer. Their initial diagnosis is that something is bad in the camera cable (or the connecter on the cable), and that there is nothing wrong with my truck itself. They are expecting to get in a camera of their own early this week, so they can confirm/refute their findings. The fact that my camera ALWAYS works when plugged into the "inside trailer view" plug on the back of my truck leads me to believe that the problem is elsewhere. At least they're continuing to work to find my problem.
  10. A few times, we've listened to the Kicker system for 2 hours at a time. The system pulls a small amount of power, relative to the energy available in the truck battery. However, I have the Duramax, which gives me 2 batteries. I say use it as much as you want. Just be sure to close the tailgate when you're finished, as this is the only way to shut it off.
  11. That's not the result I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the update. We're camping again next weekend, so I'll try a few more diagnostics and report back if I learn anything interesting.
  12. Ok....then next time, just use the pure rear view. Mine has "locked up" in the combination rear/side view; when I was only using rear view, it worked the entire trip.
  13. Yes, I've tried this about 20 times, and so has the service department at the dealer. This has had no impact. I'm having some really specific, strange issues with the radio. My service advisor reports that GM is aware that some trucks are having these same issues, but they have not yet identified a fix. Most recently, GM thinks the problems are on SiriusXM's end. I'm suspicious of their assessment, because my radio problems are exacerbated by plugging in trailer the 7-way plug.
  14. Hey Shotgun... I have a few more data points; have you learned anything new? I've been having radio problems (particularly with XM) so I took my truck in for service. While there, I told my service advisor about the problems with the trailer camera. Since they couldn't replicate either issue, they informed me that there were no problems. When it arrived, I filled in the customer satisfaction survey with my true feelings. A few weeks later, I got a phone call from GM Corporate wanting to know more about my issues. They set up a service appointment with a different GMC dealer, who listened to my issues and did a fair amount of diagnostics. The XM radio problems are not unique to me, but it appears to be a problem with SiriusXM and not GM. We are awaiting word on resolution. As for my camera problems, my service advisor told me that the camera system "threw a lot of codes" so they know something is wrong. They are awaiting some parts to fix my issue, which are apparently on backorder at the moment. He's been a bit cagey with details, but I'll post here when I learn any specifics. After nearly a month, I got my truck back (radio still not working) this week. Today, I picked up my Airstream. Initially, the backup camera / invisible trailer view worked per design. After a few miles, it froze then eventually went black--just like before. I reset the trailer plug, and the camera worked again. But this time, I never put it into "invisible trailer" view; instead, I left the rear view camera on for several miles until I reached my destination. The camera worked the entire time! So here's my theory: The camera works fine, but the invisible trailer processor is causing the apparent problems. Shotgun, I have a request for you: The next time you're pulling your trailer, can you NOT use invisible trailer view and just leave it in rear view only? Let's see how that works for someone other than me. We'll have the trailer back out in a week and a half, at which time I'll try further diagnoses along these lines. Hopefully you can help shed some light on this. My XM problems and trailer camera problems are still highly correlated with each other, so I still think they are somehow related.... Thanks, Jayson
  15. Yes and no. Check out this thread where I posted the Good, The Bad, and The Mystery. When it works, it’s awesome...when it doesn’t it’s a waste of a few hundred dollars. The GMC Service Center at a local dealer has had my truck for more than a week trying to diagnose my problem. Hopefully Shotgun and I find a solution that will help inform everybody else. I’m confident that GMC can get this working again.
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