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  1. My truck leaked too Mine is an August 2018 build that I purchased in late 2019. Noticed it after having the truck home for one day. Noticed a musty, moldy smell. Truck did not have that "new car smell" The dealership found the rear window was leaking. replaced the rear window, seals, rear seat, rear floor carpet that was Soaked, new head liner, cleaned up all the rusty metal seat brakets and other wet items in the back of my crew cab. If you notice any funny smell, check the seat carpet. Mine had no visible indication of water leaking.
  2. I just got my 2019 Crew RST in Novemeber. My kids typically jump in the truck before my wife or I do. 3 times I was in the garage when it happened. The kids opened the back doors to get in, closed the door. I had to put something else in the back with them reopened the back door then closed it again. Thats when I heard the parking brake actuator in-gauge. One time the truck was pulled in the garage, the other 2 times it was backed in so its not one door or the other. truck was unlocked in the garage all three times. Just today, my wife called me when she was driving my truck and told me the same thing happened to her. She was putting groceries in the back floor and she heard something go off. She first opened the back door on one side before opening the drivers door. Upon getting in the truck, she noticed the E brake was in gauged.
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