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  1. Very curious to know what they’ve figured out with yours, I drive 1,000 miles each way to and from work two weeks In between each time so I’m already so sour with GM with the problems of getting parts for my ‘17 I’m not having another truck sit in the shop waiting on parts for god knows how long.
  2. I have a 2019 Denali 1500 I just bought as a dealer hold over, I bought it with 8 miles on it. At 3,208 Just tonight while at work (I use my truck at work as somewhat of a mobile office in the field in North Dakota) I started the truck and all the error codes mentioned above popped up in reference to the speed being reduced to 62 mph and brake system failure and so on so forth. Check engine light came on as well. I immediately shut the truck off and restarted and was only greeted with the trailer light service warning and then drove the truck but experienced no operating issues but check engine light is still on and I have not driven over 25 mph or over probably 2 miles since the warning lights. When I start it now no warnings pop up but the engine light is still on which may go away as I drive more from what I read from a previous post. GM really has seemed to of turned into quite the horrible company as of recently. I bought the truck because I couldn’t get parts to fix my ‘17 Silverado for over two months now that one has been at the dealer with the engine dismantled. I am just sour with GM on all aspects at this point and really am starting to wonder what a guy could even do at this point they seem to not care about their customers they’re attempting to kill them off by designing faulty brake systems apparently!
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