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  1. Tundra mileage is horrible so that even with the 38 gallon tank, it's nowhere near as much range as my F-150 with the 36 gallon tank. Ram's pricing is out of market, in my opinion, and here in Michigan, Chrysler employees are up in arms about Chrysler's strict, new employee pricing program so the best I can get is 1% below invoice from Chrysler under Friends and Family rather than Employee Discount from my uncle (direct family only now). There is a 1500 Denali sitting at dealership 8 miles from my house that would have my name on it if it didn't have a puny 24 gallon tank. I'm instead getting a new F-150 Platinum with a 36 gallon tank. For those of you who live in urban or suburban areas where the weather is nice, it may not be a big deal to you to find and stop at a gas station. But here in rural Michigan like much of the rural USA, it can mean having to go well out of the way to fill up more often. Worse to me is that over 16,000 miles per year of driving means I'm stopping an additional 15+ times for gas in arctic conditions much of the year simply because GM won't offer a market competitive fuel tank that offers range? Not me. GM lost this sale. I totally understand the range anxiety that electric car owners get and would suffer from it horribly with GM's puny tank especially with a decent engine, etc for towing.
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