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  1. I have read a lot about this subject but haven't seen my symptoms shop up anywhere. I have a 1995 k3500 dually 4x4 with 454 and 4l80e . One day as I was sitting at a stop sign I saw a chance to get into traffic so I gunned it and swung into the traffic lane I chose. That's when everything went south. check engine light came on and suddenly started to run rough and the transmission began shifting hard like a shift kit had been installed As I live a ways away I decided I better hightail it home. the trip home seen 1/2 tank of fuel disappear and eventually the transmission started to slowly gear down and the alternator quit charging. I shut off all options that needed power and limped home. I changed the alternator which seems to have fixed the charging problem but it still runs rough and eats fuel like there is not enough made. runs very rich. I replaced the knock sensor and it still runs like crap . Should I jusp the gun and purchase a new pcm ?? help
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