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  1. My 2018 Silverado 1500 5.3l 6sp is making a screeching sound in V4 mode. I HAVE AN AFTERMARKET EXHAUST so it is not the flapper valve issue. Best way to describe it is when in v4 mode and there is an increase in load on the engine (slight uphill) it starts to squeal almost like a bad serpentine belt. It sounds like chains dragging on the ground combined with a belt screaming. Not sure if this is a lifter going bad, something vibrating in the exhaust section, or something different. I’ve pressure washed the underside of truck to see if there were any rocks causing a weird vibration, but I’m thinking it’s an engine issue. Goes away the second it goes back into v8 mode, or the load decreases in v4 and the truck is coasting. Any ideas??
  2. No I didn’t feel any pulling or sluggish behavior, probably because the brake shoes weren’t adjusted properly. I’m really thinking it had to do with the remote start. Maybe just no more remote starting after it’s been sitting for a while ...
  3. Hey Guys, Did a search everywhere and couldn't find any info on this. Here's my scenario: Parked my 2018 Silverado LT (just picked it up last week with under 25k miles on it) at the airport. Put on the parking brake when I left. Got back a week later, remote started the truck, hopped in and drove home. Truck drove weird on the way home, and when I parked at home it smelled like burning brakes. Come to realize that the parking brake had been on the whole way home (20 miles), but for some reason the parking brake light was not on the dash when I started the truck. Is this because I remote started it / it had been sitting? Not sure why the parking brake light would magically not come on after sitting for 4 days. Also another weird note is that only the rear driver side brake smelled to be burning, not the pass side rear. Park brake was def on, it had been clicked down about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way, before I thought to check when I got home. Not sure what would have caused this, or how to test the light from now on. It light up when i press it in now, but im thinking maybe it had to do with the remote start
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