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  1. Ugh this has just started to happen to me. 2019 TB. It all starts with Siri on Apple car play. I try to get Siri to text or call someone and it gets all confused. Then the screen freezes. Sometimes the mute button works, mostly it doesn’t. Today, Siri texted my husband for me then stopped. My music started blasting, in mono out of the one speaker only on top of my dash. Volume buttons didn’t work anywhere. It was top volume. Luckily the mute button worked. If I shut my truck off and then restart it, all is well. Just sucks if I am driving. Ugh!!
  2. Mine does this too....2019 TB, built in July. I live in Wisconsin and it happens first thing in the morning when backing out of the garage, then it stops. It’s usually around 20 degrees at its worst, colder mornings seem to have less or no noise. It’s just kind of embarrassing, a beautiful new truck squealing like it does.
  3. Had that looked at, I got the recall notice a month ago or so. It took them just a few minutes. No glue on mine.
  4. Mine was built in July 2019 too. No leaks here, yet. And I am frequently in the car wash and my truck sits outside at work and has been snowed on a ton. And I am checking it frequently. i shouldn’t read this forum lol as I now worry about every little thing. For those who saw my previous posts about heated seats not coming on at remote start etc; had her into the dealer and she’s fixed. Seats come on now at remote start (yes I had it turned on in settings lol) and don’t get hot but they warm up from the blocks of ice they had been. It was, of course, some sort of technology issue. No fix for the intermittent trailer disconnected warning when not pulling a trailer, but that’s passed on to GM. Also found out my vehicle has never thrown a code, so that’s good. I am really impressed by my dealership, I live in a smallish farm-country kind of area and they’ve been incredibly real and human about the whole thing.
  5. Ugh good luck. I have a 2019 Silverado that also has some issues. GM get it right! And you’re my neighbor, kind of. I live in New Richmond Wisconsin. My dealer’s shop is amazing, Johnson Motors in New Richmond. They have called me and emailed me several times about this newest recall and are so helpful. Good “second set of eyes” choice if you need it. They convinced me to come in Wednesday instead of my original appointment on Friday.
  6. Interesting! Thank you. I will know more on Friday about the seats. But they came on just fine at remote start until 2 months ago or so. If the coils come on, is that something they can detect with their heat meters or the voltage device? They verified that the module is getting power but the power isn’t getting to the seat. They reset that module hoping it would fix it ...it didn’t. The defrost light....the rear defrost light comes on at remote start but not the light for the front defrost. However, I am only about 75% sure that light used to come on too. But of course I could be totally wrong on that. I am also having problems with climate control. The sync feature used to work when depressed, now it only works maybe once in every 10 times I depress the button. And the brake pad life indicator thing....well, it’s a lot. I love my truck. But I am just a little gun shy. Been a Honda person all my life and I’ve never had so many recalls and issues total (combined!) with all previous vehicles. And I’m old lol, had a lot of new vehicles.
  7. I have the new recall notice and the low % remaining on my brake pads, at 5500 miles. so, I’ve always been a Honda person, usually bought new. I’ve never had so many recalls total ever on all vehicles. This is number 5 since I bought her in September. Is this normal for Chevy?
  8. I have it too on my 19 5.3. But it’s a much slower tick and goes away when warm. It’s supposedly the high pressure fuel injectors or pump or the like. The guys at my dealer started up 4 other new trucks to listen, they all have it.
  9. The guys at the shop tested them with heat meters. No dice. Blah. She’s staying all day on Friday to hopefully get it figured out.
  10. ‘19 Silverado 1500 TB LT. 5500 miles. I have them set to turn on in the remote start menu. Both app and fob remote start won’t trigger these, but they work just fine with the button. Was at the dealer for recalls and they were unable to get them to go on either, so I am dropping my truck off next Friday for the newest recall and to get this fixed. Very frustrating as I live in Wisconsin and it’s cold here. I am also having the issue with diagnostics saying my front brake pads have very little life left. And I get the “trailer disconnected “ warning nearly every day...with no trailer being pulled. I’ll be honest here, I love my truck. But allll the recalls and issues have me spooked. ETA the heated seats and front defrost used to come on just fine with remote start. Rear defrost continues to come on with remote start.
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