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  1. Nice fix! Is the ride really that different between the two trucks?
  2. Great discount! Strong work! Seems like some dealers want to move units and will do whatever it takes!
  3. Thats incredible!!! I ended up with an SLT but was looking hard for an AT4. The dealers were not nearly as willing to negotiate. What options did you order and what ended up being wrong?
  4. I have a roll n lock. Works phenomenally. Minimal water intrusion in the rear corners near the tailgate.
  5. Sorry but at 600 miles and that much work........ id be asking for a new truck.
  6. It should absolutely happen whenever the turn signal is activated. Simple programming.
  7. I used the two existing holes in the bed floor just rear of the cab. Not sure if it was the same 1/2" hose or not, but with a little bit of work the hoses fit in fine. Did not want to drill into a new truck. And honestly if you need to put something in the truck like a sheet of plywood and you know it wont be pouring rain, just pull the hoses out and put them back in after.
  8. No trade. They offered me 5500 for my 2008 silverado. Sold it through autotrader in a week at 10,300. I put 20k down on this one. Financed 26 and change. Payment is 482 a month at like 2.69% through bank of america.
  9. I’m beyond envious. What did you end up paying before tax tag and title?
  10. Yep. They get pissy. Right when the guy pulled out the entire page of upcharges, i told him i would save his time and that im not interested in any of it. He gave me a dirty look and said he had to tell me about it anyway. He gave an entire diatribe over everything and made it seem like im an idiot for not taking it. I want to say i had a similar paint protection package offered upwards of 3000. Get bent.
  11. I test drove a couple of trucks with the 6.2, and it felt like a race engine. Phenomenal power, but I really dont need it. The reason i bought the 5.3 was it was cheaper and ran regular fuel. I will say if i did it again, i would have bought the 6.2 just because. Maybe my next truck.
  12. All that extra stuff is pure profit for the dealer. Like a fee to add nitrogen to your tires....... Dont pay a penny for any of it. And the appearance guard...... a dent repair may cost you a hundred bucks for dentless repair. AAA is like $50 for the year. Dont do it man. Snake oil. If a dealership is selling anything besides the vehicle, there is a reason for it...... it benefits them.
  13. A 1500 you can get 25% off MSRP. My sticker was 58 and i was 43 plus tax tag and title. I have not heard that the HD trucks, either ford or GM are anywhere remotely close to that though.
  14. Pretty truck! what did you end up paying before tax, tag, and title?
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